Itty and Bitty – Local Author and Book Series

This past fall I discovered the perfect books for my toddlers and preschoolers, books about horses (which they love) written by a local author!


We discovered The Itty and Bitty books at an event at our favorite bookstore, The Book Carriage.   Nancy Carpentar-Czerw is the author of the children’s book series, Itty and Bitty.  

The primary characters of her books are two extremely sweet miniature horses and their escapades around the country and around the DFW region.   In some of the books the horses travel around the country, in another they tell us about their life on the farm.   “Itty and Bitty: On the Road” is my daughter’s favorite.   She loves to read about the airport.   She loves the connection to our airport .   The airport Itty and Bitty fly in and out of is DFW, from which we routinely watch airplanes fly from while stuck in traffic on 114 or 121 “ maybe it's Itty and Bitty up there.  

At the book signing, Nancy’s good friend was kind enough to bring the miniature horses.   It was love at first sight!   My kids absolutely adore the horses and although it has been several weeks they are still talking about their chance to meet the “real” characters from the books.  

I love how the books incorporate rhymes into the poems/story thread.   It is so easy with preschoolers to focus on the beginning of a word, the first letter of a word, rather than working on words as a whole.   The way that Nancy has created her rhymes is great for phonetic learning.   I think her books have helped my kids learn the endings of words and recognize similarities between words.  

If you have a chance,   learn about horses with the help of Itty and Bitty, support a local author, all while reading about local landmarks.   Itty and Bitty also have a website, it is a great interactive fun tool for kids and tells you when her future book signings or opportunities to meet and greet Itty and Bitty are held.

Rachel is mommy to three preschoolers and blogs about preschool learning opportunities, activities and tips at Quirky Momma. She is a fan of these books and did not receive any compensation for this post.

Itty and Bitty

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