Easy Ways to Make Smarter Food Choices Over the Holidays

The holiday season is jammed-packed with less-than-optimal food choices!  And, this problem is compounded by the problem that schedules are off and stress levels can be high.  It is really, really hard to not give in to all the treats that are handed to you!

There are ways to make wise choices easier.  In fact, you won’t even miss the empty calories and the over-indulgent regret!   We are working with ZonePerfect  Perfectly Simple bars to spread the word about two limited-edition treats that you can feel good about and they were the inspiration for this article.

ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple - Kids Activities Blog

Smart Food Substitutions

I am such a fan of Chai Tea.  In fact, it is my weakness.  I have been known to drive through for chai tea more than one time in a day.  I also adore pumpkin.

Pumpkin soup.  Pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin anything!

Indulging in a slice of pie and a chai tea as a special holiday treat means around 620 calories!  Not a great plan since 54  of those calories are coming from fat.  That would be about 1/3rd of the calories I am supposed to eat in a day…and it isn’t like I am eating it instead of breakfast or lunch!

Here is where thePumpkin Chai flavor of ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bar comes in.  It is less than 200 calories and just the right taste to satisfy my need to indulge.

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Stay Hydrated

I have noticed that when I am thirsty, my mind will often interpret that as hunger.  Drinking water throughout the day just makes me feel good.  I find that I am less likely to grab a soda in a weak moment when I have water in my hand.

Saying no to food I don’t need to eat is easier too.  My body isn’t craving anything when hydrated, so those extra calories aren’t as tempting.

ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Peppermint Bark

Eat Before You Go

If you are attending a holiday function or big family dinner, you may have heard the wisdom of eating before you go.  I always found that was kinda silly because I wouldn’t necessarily make wise choices at that pre-meal either!

Choosing something like the ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Peppermint Bark bar  works on several levels.  The 10% protein will keep you feeling fuller longer, it is super convenient and easy to eat (even on the way there), and the festive taste will put you in the holiday spirit.

fruit in the fridge - Kids Activities Blog

Have Good Choices Easily Available

Take those fruits and veggies out of the fridge drawer and put them front and center on a main shelf so when you open the door, it is the first thing you see.

I have a snack box that the kids know have things that are mom-approved.  It is filled with fruit cups, nuts and nutrition bars including Perfectly Simple bars.  I want them to be able to grab good stuff easily!

Set Yourself Up for Success

Think ahead and be in the moment.  Making conscious decisions to put yourself in a place of no-regret will build confidence for healthier choices in the future.  Try to squeeze in some exercise even if it is a walk with the kids.  Anything that can increase your activity level and decrease the temptations will be effort well-spent!

Follow along on social media this season for more information from ZonePerfect with the #ZonePerfect hashtag.  You can follow the ZonePerfect FB page, or on Twitter and Instagram  as @ZonePerfect.  Get those ZonePerfect Simply Perfect bars in Pumpkin Chai & Peppermint Bark ASAP…they are limited edition and will be disappearing soon!

A huge thanks to ZonePerfect for sponsoring Kids Activities Blog.  All opinions expressed are my own.