Looking for some easy and fun Halloween craft ideas to tackle with your little ones this week?

Here are 12 awesome projects your kids will love.

Some of these projects come with a free printable. Many can be used for a Halloween party you are hosting or as a favor to send with your little ones for the fall party at school.

Easy {and delicious} kid-friendly crafts for Halloween - I love #6!

  1. Pumpkin Pie Play Dough– my boys had so much fun making this easy recipe. And did I mention is smells amazing? I love anything that encourages creative play and smells great.
  2. Ghost Poo with FREE Printable– these make fun little favors your kiddos can hand out to neighbor friends, classmates, etc. They will have fun stuffing the bags with marshmallows. This tutorial comes with a free printable you will not want to miss.
  3. Witch Broom Stick Snacks– made from fruit roll ups and pretzel rods, these are a yummy after school snack or make them for your little one’s school party.
  4. Mummy Cookies with FREE Cookie Tag Printable– there is a Milano cookie under all that white chocolate! I share step by step directions for making these cookies and I include a free cookie tag you can print and attach to the cookies and then hand them out to friends.
  5. Sweet and Salty Halloween Bark– this is a treat your children can certainly help you make. They will have fun tossing on the candy corn, M& M’s and pretzel pieces.Such simple crafts that kids can do this Halloween! I love that so many of these can be used for a party - they look adorable and yummy!
  6. Marshmallow Ghost Treats– take large marshmallows, melted chocolate and a sucker stick and you have a Halloween treat.
  7. Pumpkin Poo with FREE Printable– another easy treat your little ones will have a blast passing out to friends. The printable makes this crafts such a gem.
  8. Blood Shot Eyeballs– my twins share a step by step tutorial for turning powdered donuts into blood shot eyeballs.
  9. Witchy Fingers– pretzel rods, melted chocolate and an almond sliver make a creepy treat. Yum!
  10. Puff Paint Pumpkin– not into carving pumpkins? Use puff paint and the sky is the limit. We created a Henna design, but anything is a go.
  11. Handprint Spiders– this is a fun craft that doubles as a keepsake when you create a playful spider out of hand-prints. You can also tie in the book Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  12. Halloween Homeschool Freebies– if you homeschool this is a list you will love and it is broken down by subject. Super fun and educational.

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