20 Best Organizing Apps that Will Simplify Your Life

Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve rounded up the the very best organizing apps  that will make your life easier.  With school right around the corner, now is a great to time to be thinking about organizing your household.

If you have a smart phone, that process just got a whole lot easier.  We’ve partnered with our sponsor Verizon, to bring twenty awesome apps that will simplify your life.

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Best Apps For Scheduling  and To-Lists

Google Calendar – A much better version of the calendar that came with your phone.  Beautiful, easy to use and synch, once you download it you won’t know how you lived without it.

Remember the Milk – Create to-do lists and easily prioritize.  You can set up reminders and search tasks by location, no more realizing you need to drop off the dry cleaning when you’re already across town.  This app also integrates    with your phone’s calendar.

Things  – The ultimate to-do list app.  Get more done and do it more efficiently with the help of this elegant and easy to use app.

24me – You’re not forgetful, you just need a personal assistant.  This app acts as a virtual assistant, synching up with your calendar, to-do’s, and other apps to insure you never forget an important meeting or birthday again.

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Great Apps For Food Shopping and Meal Planning

Dinner Spinner – This free app from allrecipes.com makes meal planning easy and fun! Plus you can make a shopping list based off the recipes you choose.

Big Oven – Another great meal planning app with tons of simple recipes and a drag and drop calendar.  You can also share recipes from the  app to friends on Facebook or through email and scan in hand written gems and turn them digital.

AnyList – Create organized grocery lists in a  snap, including managing lists for different stores.  Plus, you can  synch up with your hubby and send him to the store instead.

Grocery iQ – Helps you create a grocery list AND stick to your budget with a handy total tally so you know what to expect at the checkout counter.  There are also loads of easy to redeem integrated coupons.

Saving Star – An handy way to skip clipping and carrying coupons without skipping the savings.

Key Ring – No more filling your wallet or key ring with those rewards cards!  Toss all that bulky plastic and store everything on your phone.

Organize Your Finances With These Great Apps

RedLaser – This app making saving easy by doing all of your comparison shopping for you.  Simple search or scan an item and find the best price online and nearby.

Home  Budget with Synch  – Create a budget, track your expenses, and synch it up with your husband.

Mint  – Pay bills, track expenses, and budgeting made easy and beautiful.  This great money managing app is available on all platforms.

Top Apps for Notes and News

Evernote – This free app puts all of your notes in one place. Store all of your ideas from that blog post you want to finish reading to voice memos, all in one easy to search spot.  You can also store scanned items and make checkable lists.

Flipboard  – Get all of your news, blog updates, social media feeds, and more in one stunning magazine format.  Flipboard allows you to read, save, and organize all of your online information seamlessly.  You can also follow curated clipboard magazines on any topic that interests you.

Pinterest  – Search, discover, and store ideas from all over the web in handy visual collections.  Pinterest also makes it easy to collaborate with others and find great ideas by following your friends and favorite bloggers.

apps for busy moms

Apps for Busy Moms:  Organize  Photos, Records, and More

CluckCluckApp – Hiring and communication with your favorite baby sitters just got so much easier.  Manage all of your childcare needs from texting the sitter to sharing emergency contacts with this great customizable app.

iRewardsChart  – Chore organization and motivation getting you down?  There’s an app for that!  This free app will motivate your kids to complete their chores by earning rewards you set and notify  you when your kid deserves a pat on the back.

Photo Manager Pro – Take the crazy mass of photos and videos on your phone and organize them exactly how you like, color coding and all.  Once they are organized you can easily search and find exactly what you’re looking for, no more epic scrolling!  Even rate your photos so that you can easily discard the ones that don’t make the cut.

Pet Dossier – Everything you need to know about your pet, easy to search and share with pet sitters via email.  No more wondering if it’s time for the cat’s vaccines or spending hours going over your dog’s likes, needs, and schedule with the pet sitter.

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