Mending broken fences…toddler-style

Parenting two little ones under the age of four has been equivalent to walking on hot coals barefoot challenging this week.

kid tantrum

There have been meltdowns, time-outs, and quite possibly emails sent to  my husband  in which I expressed a desire to enlist our children in a foreign exchange program; all occurring before the breakfast plates were cleared a few mornings these past few days.

I would think the dynamic duo would at least have the decency to wait until I have loaded the dishwasher before falling completely apart, wouldn’t you?

Fortunately the Lord makes one’s children beyond adorable and parenting frustrations can be easily mended some days with just a few words and a hug.

My son, Tiny Tiger,  experienced some  mending  today while at a friend’s  house for a playdate. During lunch, that sweet boy turned to  my fellow  mommy friend  and proclaimed, “My mommy makes the best pizza in whole world.”

Be still, my heart.

Miss E., my 2 going on 17 year old daughter, had some mending  occur at bedtime. This evening I was tucking Evelyn into her bed, following her standard delicate series of bedtime commands (“Sing my songs! Where’s my cup? Cover me up! Turn on my machine! Turn the fan higher! Check on me later! Please! Mommy!”),  to which  I  replied with my usual goodnight sentiment of  “Your my best girl, E.”

She quickly replied, “You my best Mommy, Mommy.”

And, dear readers, those words from my children are all I need to make it through one more day of laughter, one more day of discipline, one more day of doling out goldfish crackers, and one more day of being Mommy.

Lynley Baker Phillips is a stay-at-home mommy to two, blogger, former special education teacher, and referee in all major toy disputes. Her writings have been featured in various publications, at and on her mother's refrigerator door. Contact her at

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