Get away to the City & Explore Victory Park

I love late September in Texas.   The temperatures begin to cool, the humidity drops, and every day is another excuse to play hooky and head outside.   So what's going on this year? It's been raining in Dallas for a week.   Yes, we needed the rain, but jeez, enough is enough!   It's tough to get out and enjoy your pool or take a walk on the local trails when it's so soggy even the Trinity River is overflowing its banks!

dallas victory park

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I might be tempted to use this meteorological anomaly as an excuse to grab a flight out of town to some sunny destination (don't think I didn't try).   But as my husband pointed out, I ™ve abandoned the Metroplex 3 of the last 5 weekends, and October is shaping up to be a travel-palooza, so this weekend I ™ve been grounded.

Trying to think outside the box, I realized that my darling hubby never made the declaration that I had to stay HOME, only that I needed to stay in the Metroplex!   This presented me with a wealth of opportunities.   I hopped on my computer, made some phone calls, and I am proud to say, I ™ve got a fun weekend planned.   Feel free to use this as a guide if some weekend you too, need to get away without going too far.

The first order of business was finding a fabulous hotel room surrounded by good places to eat and fun things to do.   I called the W hotel and got a great deal for the weekend.   I can hardly wait to use their Whatever, Whenever  service.   I ™m trying to think up something really obscure to see if they can deliver on their promise.

W Hotel in Dallas

Next, I had to plan some fun activities.   I ™m sure we ™ll enjoy a morning swim in the hotel's 16th floor pool with panoramic views of the city and I ™ve scheduled a spa treatment for myself. If the skies clear, we ™ll take a walk on the Katy trail, if not we could hit the gym, grab a movie, or simply people watch in the lobby.   My husband would like to try the W's Acura Experience, tooling around the city in a new MDX.   At some point, we ™ll grab a tasty lunch at one of the Victory Park eateries.

For nighttime fun, I checked the American Airlines Center weekend event planner.   Now I ™m sure she puts on a good show, but there is not a chance in the world that I could get my husband to see Brittney Spears ™ Circus tour at the AAC on Friday night.   So instead, on Saturday, we ™ll attend the Ultimate Fight Club Championships. Our college aged son will be envious, but I ™m not sure I ™ll be able to open my eyes to see what's going on.   Nevertheless, I ™m willing to step outside my comfort zone, and try something new.   Afterward, we ™ll head over to the Havana Social Club where my husband can light up a stick and enjoy the company of other cigar aficionados while I throw back some yummy rum drinks in an attempt to forget the horror I ™ve just witnessed.     Finally, we ™ll hit the Ghost Bar where celebs and beautiful wannabes congregate.   I know from previous experience that they make a mean blueberry martini, but this time I ™ll try something a new.

downtown dallas

Sunday morning, we ™ll cruise over to Gachet Coffee where the White Velvet is the coffee drink of choice and the pastries come highly recommended.   We ™ll no doubt review the weekend's highlights and then hop in our car to make the 25 minute drive back to our suburban home.   When you live in a large city like Dallas, it's not always necessary to get out of town for a mini-vacation.   There are ample places around town that you ™ve probably never explored, so step out, explore and have some fun!

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