2354086423_7cdb6043d8_mWe are a family that needs eyesight correction, and lots of it!   Buying glasses at full price can really break the budget.   I was beyond thrilled to have discovered Zenni Optical.   You don’t even need a current prescription (although that is always advised).   We have bought over 12 pairs of glasses from them in the past two years and have yet to be disappointed.   Where else can I buy 4 pairs of glasses with AR coated lenses for roughly $50?   I love finding deals!

Here is a site that explains how to properly measure your face so that you can be sure that your new frames will fit…   and another site that explains the easiest way to measure pupil distance (PD) with only a dry erase marker and an old pair of glasses.   The PD was the hardest part of the prescription for us to get “right” – you can always request that your optometrist write this on the prescription, but if you forgot here are some instructions.

One of Zenni’s competitors, LensCrafters,   lets you upload a picture of yourself to see if you think the new frames will look good on you.   I loved getting to try on glasses prior to purchasing while in my PJs, with the added perk of not having to worry about the havoc my children were making in the store.   Yay! for internet shopping!

If you are a glasses wearer, good luck finding the perfect pair… and ones that won’t break your budget!

Thanks Thomas Hawk for your beautiful little eyeglass model!

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