Most residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth area know about the Dallas Arboretum and the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. However many people are unaware that Grapevine has it’s own secret garden of sorts. This spunky suburb in the middle of the Metroplex is home to  an all-in-one park, nature conservatory and botanical  garden for all to enjoy.


The area, which is divided into the  two separate entities  of Heritage Park and Grapevine Botanical Gardens, has a lot to offer visitors. Heritage Park has two play structures, several tennis courts and a basketball court. This particular park was established in 1938 and once was the home to a basket-making factory that aided the cantelope farms that were in the area at that time. Although most kids are more interested in the large spider-web type climbing structure as opposed to knowing a factory once stood in that particular spot, parents often enjoy a touch of local history with their park experience.

After spending time at the playground, follow the path into the Botanical Gardens. Grapevine’s Botanical Gardens is home to hundreds of types of plants, a butterfly garden and a nice sized koi pond. Be sure to pack along a few extra quarters to purchase food to feed the always-hungry koi. The Botanical Gardens of Grapevine has recently expanded, adding a compost learning center that teaches children the ins and outs of the compost process. This new expansion also includes a more natural walking path that takes one to a tree that is over 100 years old and to a memorial garden area where visitors can sit and enjoy the scenary (or sit and eat Goldfish crackers as my children are prone to do).

The Botanical Gardens in Grapevine also offers  clases for children ages 3-5 years old on a variety of subjects, ranging from crafting a bowl out of an empty gourd to learning about insect symmetry. Information about these classes can be found in Grapevine’s Parks and Recreations Play Book (see page 28 of the playbook for class specifics). Kids are not the only one who can partake in the classes at the Botanical Gardens. There are classes for adults as well, including photography instruction and tips on composting.

During the month of October the entire family can enjoy the festive spirit of these gardens while listening to live music during their Live Concert Series. This series runs every Saturday night during the month of October from 7-9pm, with light refreshments served (attendees may bring their own as well). Grab a blanket and the family and enjoy a night under the expansive Texas sky listening to various musical styles.

Although the larger cities of Dallas and Fort Worth have their own gardens for visitiors to enjoy, do not pass up the chance to stop by Grapevine’s Botanical Gardens and Heritage Park. The park and gardens are open everyday from dawn until dusk and admission is free.

Lynley Baker Phillips is a stay-at-home mommy to two, blogger, former special education teacher, and referee in all major toy disputes. Her writings have been featured in various publications and on her mother's refrigerator door.  Her work can also be read on and Savethephillipsfamily.  Contact her at [email protected]

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