How much planning and effort and excitement and money do you put into taking your family on a Disney vacation? After all of that, you wouldn’t dream of not taking pictures of your trip. But then you step into the park and are bombarded by things that distract your attention: the crowds, the rides, your kids that you want to focus on. Without a plan, taking the same pretty vacation shots you see online becomes a stressor rather than a pleasure. photographing at disney For many of us, visiting the Disney Parks is the experience of a lifetime and these are the memories we want to capture. The photos you take during your adventure help you look back on that whirlwind experience when life slows down back at home. Taking them can actually be part of the fun if you are prepared. Check out these 12 crucial tips for walking into Disney ready to capture the magic! disney photography 1. Gearing up for Disney: What equipment should you bring? Check out these 7 essential items for photography on your vacation. 2. Shooting with a DSLR? This is the perfect lens to take to Disney, complete with review and photo examples! 3. Let them be goofy: Kids will be kids, capture them as they are not always so posed and smiley. Check out some great examples here. 4. Know where to point the camera, hint: it’s not at the parade! 5. Someone is missing from the vacation album. Can you guess who it is?? 6. Have you avoided getting in your family photos because you don’t think you’ll look good? These tips for how to look awesome in your photos have perfect posing suggestions so mom looks great! 7. Capturing details makes your album more interesting. Adding some simple food shots into the mix is a perfect way to add variety. We love these tips for capturing your vacation treats without being that obnoxious person at the restaurant! 8. Even the best vacations have not so perfect moments. You will giggle about them later, but only if you have the photo to laugh over! How to capture the nitty gritty moments of family trips. 9. Have you thought about your family vacation wardrobe? What you wear makes a big difference in how happy you’ll be with the photos after the trip is done. These are excellent tips on what to wear to Disney from your head down to your footwear. 10. Keep the balance: Don’t let photography take over your vacation! You want to enjoy your trip, not experience it behind a lens. This is the perfect solution for keeping the right balance, see the details here. 11. Be in the moment: Sometimes the best camera is our own memories. Don’t stress the missed shots. 12. Be inspired before you go! Disney is one of the most photographed places. Fact. Find examples of how great photographers have shot their vacations and go ahead and mimic the shot with your own family. No need to reinvent the wheel! take pictures at disney My favorite posts with gorgeous examples of photography at Disney are: And best of all, if you need a little creative nudge, be sure to check out: 50 photos to take during your next Disney vacation over at Simple As That. It includes a free printable to tuck in your pocket for your next trip! Tiffany Dahle is the hostess behind Peanut Blossom where she shares her belief that strong families start with strong and happy mothers. For her that means capturing beautiful photography, discovering new family friendly food, and enjoying a good book. Join her and other recovering readers wanting to prioritize a little me time with her No Stress Book Club.  You can find Tiffany on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

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