Crafting is all about the fun of making, sometimes just rolling with the materials you have to see what emerges, rather than crafting with a plan!

an invitation to craft….

These Foam Cup Monsters grew out of the kitchen table at the weekend from a bit of giggle-filled side-by-side crafting with Miss8 – always in for a bit of goofing around she jumped at the chance to take some foam cups, a roll of sticky eyes and left over shredded packing paper from Christmas to make ‘goofballs’. We’ve already made foam cup safari animals and a set of farm animals here on KAB, why not add some monsters to the mix xx foam cup monsters Materials needs: Foam cups, paint, sticky eyes or googly eyes, white paper, black marker, shredded paper and some craft glue. Start by painting the foam cups, whatever bright and crazy colors your child wants, go wild – they can even stamp on polka dots if they want!… just imagine a yellow and green polka dot monster, cool! foam cup monsters When dry add the eyes, draw a variety of mouths on the white paper, cut them out and glue to the cups. And finally pour some craft glue into a shallow bowl, dip in the shredded paper and just ‘stick’ it on in clumps to the head. This bit is a tad messy, the paper will stick to fingers, but fingers can be washed xxx foam cup monsters Want more Monster fun? Check out these monster coloring pages! Happy goofball making Michelle

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