Bonjour ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, we are about to embark on an artistic journey, one inspired by the streets of Pairs and as seen thorough the eyes of the Masters.
Art camp at The Art House, Day One.
We’re here bright and early and ready to create!

Butter is immediately attracted to her instructor Ms. Sarah. One can easily relate to Sarah’s joyful smile as they read about her passion for art and life as she has lived her artistic dreams with gusto! The Art house is visually exciting. There is art everywhere you look.   Freshly painted shirts hang from the ceiling, Paper mache’ dinosaurs greet you inside the front door, drawing, paintings, and sculptures line the walls, and bookcases are filled with books of the masters.   All of this excitement while bubbling young artists divided into three separate classes create art in an environment that is stimulating, productive and well organized! It’s like visual music! Butter has her “portfolio” ready to go!   Her tiny blue passport fits neatly inside, along with teeny-tiny paintings; Van Gogh’s Night Cafe’, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies and a line drawing inspired by Picasso that would later assist the artist’s as they work with wire to create a sculpture of the Eiffel Tower.   A tiny clay sculpture of the Arc de Triomphe completes Butter’s collection of souvenirs A favorite watercolor painting that inspired Art House students, “The Paris State” was painted by in-house instructor and owner of the McKinney Studio, Molly Goodall.   This is Butter’s interpretation of the original cityscape. What trip is complete without a t-shirt!? Friday comes all to soon.   The artists gather their work for a grand presentation.   The pride in the room from young artists and parents…unmistakable!

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