Are you looking for new ways to  connect with your kids? I think we all want to do that  in a deeper way but sometimes figuring  out new ways to do it, is the challenging  part. We’ve recently all fallen in love with this new ebook called  Happy Handmade  (affiliate). We love it because it gives all of us the inspiration we need for moments of connection with our crafty kids.   Happy_Handmade_Pinterest Do you find yourself always getting distracted on Pinterest when you log on and try to find something fun to do with the kids? Yeah, us too! This book has 115 page of fun crafts to make with your kids. From decorations, to practical crafts and even some playful crafts. (We’re obsessing over the simple cardboard dollhouse.)   If dolls aren’t your speed, you can make this super fun space ship too. Molly gave us special permission to share a few pages of the book with you. Isn’t it fun? craft-ebook-sample-spread1   The crafts have varying stages of difficulty so you can start with the simple ones and work your way up. Regardless of the ones you choose, these are so many awesome ideas in here that you will have lots of hours of connecting with your kids. If they like to do crafts solo, there are plenty of options for that as well. Do them together, or use the book to keep the kids entertained while you get work done so you have more time to play together later! The instructions are easy to understand and the picture tutorials make it super easy to follow along. The close of the book offers project templates to get you started on some of the more difficult crafts! We simply can’t recommend this book  enough (buy it here)! It’s so fun, your kids are bound to fall in love with it and get hours of enjoyment from it! What is your favorite way to connect with your kids? Which of these crafts will you do together first?

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