What is Your Kid-Tip?

Here is mine.   Want to keep a kiddo occupied for say 45 min without interruptions?   This is what works at our house, every time:

camera boy
He might need to work on his technique, just a little bit :).
photos taken by 3 year old

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  1. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    We gave JDaniel an old camera! He loves it too.

  2. HappyCampers says:

    That’s a great tip! If we’re ever out (let’s say, I attempted a hike & my boy is READY TO STOP!), I had him my camera & he’s got new found energy! No more complaining, no more “my legs hurt”. I just say snap away!! And then it’s fun to see what catches his eye. I have lots of photos of orange traffic cones in parking lots!

  3. My son loves the camera too! Another great way to keep kids out of your hair while making dinner is to place an easel (our is an inexpensive one from Ikea) in the vicinity. I put lots of washable non-toxic markers, crayons, colored pencils, and dry-erase crayons/markers with it and let my sons create away. While I’m whipping up something hot and delicious, they’re cookin’ up some great art!

  4. Little L.’s (20 months) latest craze is “cooking” with dry beans and noodles in her kitchen. She can stay engaged with those beans and some water for the longest time, measuring, scooping, stirring! Second to that is definitely her easel, always a favorite. And just recently she’s been obsessed with her plastic dinosaurs, who she feeds the beans to, and lines up next to her easel!
    Beth (aka Tiny Reader)

  5. I’ve found that small bowls of water, rags, & anything that could be “washed” can keep my two busy for quite awhile. They’ve washed rocks, Legos, marbles, etc. This is always helpful when I need them out of my hair when I’m cooking dinner!

    My 4-yr-old can be kept busy for a long time with her scissors, paper & a glue stick. I love that she’s able to do this all on her own.

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