Are you helping your kids  learn to type? We have some fun free printables to help you do just that!

Learn to Type the Easy Way!

Learn to Type the Easy Way! Teach Your Child to Type

We make it easy with these keyboard printouts. Starting with the first one, you can give them time to study where all of the keys are and work on where they place their hands.

When they feel they’ve mastered that, you can move them right along to the partially blank  keyboard print out.  This one requires that they fill in the empty keys with the letters that should be printed there. QWERTY and so on. They can work with these until they have all the letters memorized and placed in the right places.

It doesn’t stop with letter memorization though. The final  free printable  shows a completely blank keyboard. They must then fill in all of the keys; from letters to numbers and special function buttons. It is quite the puzzle!

There are so many advantages to working on learning the QWERTY keyboard this way. For one thing, all of your children can work through it at the same time. They don’t have to share computer time to learn the basics of typing.

In addition to saving time, you also don’t have the distractions that the actual computer offers. No clicking around to different tabs or opening up the internet when you should be working on typing skills. These worksheets will help keeps kids focused on what they are learning, so they can graduate to computer fun later!

This is such a fun way to learn about the keyboard! If you are looking for more fun games and educational activities check out our other printables.

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  1. Hi Paula

    I am a pediatric occupational therapist and loved your qwerty printable handouts for my kiddos with disabilities to teach them the keyboard. Could you please send them to me?

    I would really appreciate it. It has not been working on your website.

    Thank you.