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I have kinda forgot I have a blog the last few months.  It isn’t that I don’t LOVE it here, it is just that I have been a little busy doing some super exciting things.

One of the cool things about being online in 2013 is that if I want to run a LIVE talk show from my living room, I can.

Oh, and I do!

parenting lounge

The Parenting Lounge airs each Tuesday evening at 9 pm CDT.

It is  simultaneously  broadcasted on G+ and my YouTube channel as a live show.

Last week was Part II of our Favorite Things…don’t worry, you can jump right into part II because the plot isn’t very complicated.

The Parenting Lounge panelists are some of my favorite people in the world:

Previous episodes have been a ton of fun as well.  It has become my favorite evening of the week because I end up laughing the entire time.

So, exactly what IS the Parenting Lounge?

I promise you it is not a parenting expert show, but there are many years of parenting experience between all of us.

It is more about moms supporting moms and sharing in the laughter of the ridiculous situations we all end up in on a daily basis.

I hope you will tune in.  This Tuesday evening I will embed the live show here at JCN so you can watch along from the comfort of here.


  1. Cool! Did not know you were doing that… You are having all the fun!

  2. Very cool indeed. I need to check that out because just today someone say this to me, “What do you say? Want to start a ‘city girls reinvented as their own grandmothers club?'” Because I’m homesteading, and no one would have guessed that from me, and she’s about to start. I hadn’t thought of how easy it would be to do a Google Hangout instead of trying to actually schedule a playdate in between all the farm projects and feedings etc. Great idea.

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