What a fun lesson today with 8 kids 5 and under, a bunch of collected sticks, leaves, acorns, etc. and inspiration from Ehlert’s “Leaf Man”. Teacher Miss Heather lead out a lively discussion about Thanksgiving and we charted our favorite Thanksgiving foods–turkey reigned supreme over pie, green beans and mashed potatoes? The top creation was Reid’s which is explained as an “animal with 4 legs and some hair and some footprints”. The second started out to be Rhett’s but became mommy’s when he lost interest (he did collect the items) and the bottom one is mommy’s turkey. Today has been all about artistic expression with painting in blue in the morning followed by this extravaganza. The boys are even fighting over the “Mouse Paint” book as I type…is it fighting or artistic difference?

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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