Wacky Products of 2014

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the year of 2014 was a year for many things.  We began a series on the best hacks to make your lives just a touch easier, we  cured hiccups, we told you how to Be a Fun Mom.

We’ve discovered some of the  worst products for families.  You don’t need to buy these.  Ever.  But maybe they can help you laugh!

Crazy things of 2014

Unique gift ideas the year

When regular horsey rides just aren’t enough… You need a Daddle – the perfect saddle for Dad.

This is taking, “Take the dog for a walk” to a whole new level.  You can put your pooch into a stroller for the walk.

One umbrella for you and one for your dog?  What’s the hangup??  –  a doggie umbrella.

When Fiddo just isn’t ferocious enough in his own right, get him a lion mane.  It helps – or does it?

wacky baby products you could buy in 2014

Wacky Products

Passy Toppers... Confession, I bought at least half a dozen goofy pacifiers for my kiddos.  But they are RIDICULOUS!

We all have seen the lint our crawling babies find, put them to work with a baby mop outfit.  Mop while they crawl – a win, right?

Cause all moms have wanted to keep their babies from flailing during changes – now you actually can!

Sure,  your kiddos  can’t throw their cutlery on the ground but can they actually eat with it?

This is why you baby-proof the house. Not house-proof the baby! [Note:  There are medically necessary helmets, but this does not appear to be  one of them.]

wacky products you shouldnt spend money on


Money toilet paper.  For those days when you feel like you are flushing money down the drain, this TP will make you feel just a bit better.

Feeling lonely.  When you need a hug, your “boyfriend” will always be there, in a closet buried somewhere.


wacky things to buy

 *The above images are from Oddity Mall*


Doodle Duvet is cool until you change the bedding and your child still thinks they can draw on their sheets.

They literally called this “the lazy parent bottle holder.”  I am speechless.  Guess these could be helpful… in the car?

Doggy High Chair – cause you never know when you are going to need to have your dog sit up by the table with the rest of the humans.

gag gift ideas for him

A Coffee cup for the truly lazy person. This one is self-stirring.

There are swiss army knives, and then there are swiss army knives. Everyone knows bigger is better.

Cause Dad will look really professional with a nose pencil sharpener in his desk!

Bacon Bandaids – he “likes bacon”, right?  And he might need a bandaid?  So he needs these.


What Crazy things Have you seen this Year?

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