i am still alive

It is probably not the best blogging practice, but I have neglected my blog to the point where it is necessary to mention that I AM still alive.

I am, I promise….see?

Holly is alive

Part of the reason why I haven’t been HERE is that I am getting out of the house in REAL LIFE.

Yep, I even bought a new outfit.

The new outfit goes with my super cute cowboy boots.

It had been so long since I had been shopping that my credit card company put my card on hold…thinking that any clothing purchase MUST be fraudulent.

Now if it would only stop raining, I could straighten my hair.

ANYWAY, if you happen to be out of the house yourself, here is where I will be:

And if leaving the house is just more than you can handle and you still aren’t sure that I really do exist, then check out my weekly G+ Hangout each Wednesday morning at 10:30 CST on my G+ page:   Holly Homer

At some point after telling other people to blog, it probably would be best to come back here and do a little myself.


  1. see you in the morning. 🙂

  2. Good to know you are still alive and well! Wish I was seeing you tomorrow but I couldn’t make it… boo. Have a great time!!

  3. So lovely to have seen you and listened to your talk in person! Wish we would’ve had a chance to say hi in person 🙂

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