25 Roast Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water

Finding the perfect roast recipe is different for each family, especially a roast recipe that kids will eat. I personally can remember as a child sitting down to Sunday dinner and smelling my grandmother’s roast beef before it hit the table.

It was sliced perfectly and oh so juicy, everyone at the table was chomping at the bit! As I grew up I learned that there’s more than one way to roast a cut of meat.

25 Roast Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water that are good for kids.
All these roasts are good for kids.

25 Mouth Watering Kid-Friendly Roast Recipes

While there are many different cuts of meat we’ve collected several different beef cuts, some pork roasts and recipes for roasting chicken.

You may also love roast goose or duck, and of course roast lamb and venison among others.

However, the first group of roasts are generally preferred by kids over the latter as duck, lamb, and venison have gamier and more wild, stronger, flavors.

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Irresistible roasts for kids that they will love. one has a south west flare with beans, tomatoes, and corn, the second is a classic roast with gravy, potatoes, and carrots, and the third is in a dutch oven with carrots, potatoes, and herbs and a broth.
These are some of the best kid roasts. They will even want seconds!

Family Favorite Beef Roasts

These beef roasts and briskets are family favorites and are all flavorful and tender. Everyone will be happy with these recipes and there are many too choose from!

Beef Chuck Roasts Your Family Will Love

Beef chuck is generally a tougher cut of meat, but that also makes it a cheaper cut. It is great for a big family.

But don’t let this tougher cut intimidate you. Slow cooking it with various liquids, vegetables, and spices can make it delicious and tender. It is one of the roasts I ate most as a child, and it was one of my favorites.

25 easy roast recipes  is what for dinner. One raw roast is laying over onions, mushrooms, and peppers, the second is a brisket, and the third is prime rib, and the last is roast beef.

Beef Round or Rump Roasts Your Family Will Devour

Rump roasts are a very common roast that everyone makes. However, it can be a little finicky as some can be dry roasted. But most cuts are better braised and slow cooked in a pot or crock pot.

It seems like a little more work, but you won’t regret it. Your family and kids will love this roast as it will be tender and fall apart.

These roasts are something the entire family will love. The roast beef is over a bed of potatoes, the second and third are beef and super tender, juicy, and pink.

Beef Top Sirloin or Sirloin Tip Roasts Your Kids Will Love

Beef top sirloin is a medium priced roast. It’s a nicer cut than chuck roasts, but it is still a tender cut.

Tender means a softer and juicier roast for you and makes it a good roast for kids.

Kid-Friendly Beef Brisket Roast Recipes

Believe it or not, brisket is a tougher cut of meat. It needs to be slow cooked, well seasoned, and does well being smoked. It is one of those cuts that takes many hours to cook.

But when done correctly it is perfection. This is one of the best kid roasts because it can be flavored so many different ways and is great with a sweet BBQ.

These roasts are perfect for busy families as pork roasts do great in the crockpot. There is shredded pork with rice, bbq pork, sliced pork, and pork tenderloin.

Pork Roast Recipes Your Family Will Love

Pork is tricky It’s one of those meats that can quickly dry out if not cooked properly. The key to a deliciously juicy pork roast is the right temperature. So be sure to use your meat thermometer!

The correct temperature by the way is 195 degrees Fahrenheit in case you were wondering.

25 Roast Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water because the whole family loves whole chickens roasted with lemon, garlic, onions, and carrots.

The Best Roast Chicken For Kids

Probably the most cooked type of poultry on the planet, chicken is a household favorite. Roasting it who is truly a treat and is another good roast for kids. It’s versatile and most of us have eaten quite a bit of chicken so it is familiar.

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