pillow talk potluck

Potluck has reappeared this Monday…

Potlucks are on MondaysIt has been elusive lately, like a rare bird.

No need for binoculars.   Potluck has landed on your very own computer screen.

And now.

As if the potluck isn’t excitement enough.

Try to hold your applause to the end.

I am introducing a new potluck segment…

things that make holly laugh

Things that Make Holly Laugh Which May or May not be Funny…

I am pretty sure that this is NOT funny:

cuddledown catelog with nake people on the coverI am also pretty sure that I won’t be purchasing ANYTHING from Cuddledown…especially pillows.


potluck storytime with HollyToday’s story time is a picture book:

underwater golfIt is a tale of a family so starved for vacation entertainment that they paid $10 each to play mini-golf underwater.

I am sure there is home school physics lesson in there somewhere.

when Holly writes elsewhere potluckI star in a Kleenex video {and you can too} over at Kids Activities Blog:

Kleenex dance collage with Holly

Rhett becomes a movie critic:

And now let’s take a trip to the fruit bowl for a little inspection!

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?
The fruit bowl contents are as follows:

  • 6 real bananas
  • 6 faux bananas
  • 1 real Lego minifigure

Happy Monday!   May your day not be ruined by the image of a naked couple covering themselves with down pillows…

Look away!


  1. I don’t do well with regular mini golf. Maybe this new sport would be one I could do well at.

  2. I keep looking at the pillows. Gross. I have a sudden need to wash my hair and eyes.

  3. hahaha….really? Did you get that in the mail? Wonder what the postman thought?

  4. You are so creative! I definitely need to have you as my goal on creativity. Need to make that my goal this fall…!!!!

  5. I laughed with the pillow picture.. it’s a bit disturbing LOL.

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