Stay Cool with These Ice Activities for Kids

Ice activities are a necessary outdoor play ingredient in Texas summers where temps haven’t dipped below 100 this week.

Solid frozen water is my preschooler’s friend.   They can drop cubes, watch ice melt on their chalk drawings, chomp on cubes, throw them down their shirts. Pretend cook, stirring icy slivers.   Here are some of our most favorite ice activities.

Ice activities

Ice Activities for Kids

Try ice painting! Fill your popsicle molds with colored water and let them paint with them.

Terri, and her girls at My Creative Family, explored ice facts for kids as they filled glasses of water and then added ice cubes until the water overflowed.   What a great way to bring math alive.

Cardboard boxes make some of the best toys!   These boys mixed their play between cardboard boxes, tape, tubs and of course ice in this open-ended ice activity.

This gal tie dyed her fabric with ice cubes of paint for a fun kids craft.     I bet these would make great colorful summer napkins!

Freeze magnets and experiment with this great idea from Little Bins for Little Hands.

I love how neat and clean this ice craft for kids looks.   They used koolaid to create their cubes of paint.   In addition to the block painting she also made flowers.

This post was my inspiration for this post.   Artful Parent froze a big block of ice, sprinkled salt on it to speed up the melting and then added food coloring to heighten the effect.   I love this colorful ice science experiment.

Make ice chalk! This idea from Reading Confetti is so much fun and is a great way to cool off while you play and create outside.

Go on a treasure hunt! Freeze a huge block of ice with fun surprises inside like this one from Juggling with Kids.

Help these dinosaurs hatch with this fun activity from Little Bins for Little Hands. This is so easy and lots of fun!

These ice cube sail boats are so neat – all you need is ice, paper and straws. From She knows.

Experiment with oil and ice for a little science fun. This is simple to set up and kids love it! From Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Here are seven fun and simple sensory play ideas using ice from Lemon Lime Adventures. We love the ice races!

This gorgeous glitter Frozen ice idea is fantastic. If your kids love Frozen, they are going to love this idea from Learn Play Imagine!

A water bin filled with colored ice cubes is the perfect summertime activity for kids.


  1. Thanks for featuring me this week! I love linking up and really enjoy all the great ideas I find!

  2. Great !! brilliant ideas for games with kids… specially when you are (I am) homeschooling at home 🙂

    Thank you for a very useful and educative post dear.

    How To Arrange Homeschool Field Trips

  3. Lovely ice tips, if there is one game to play in this hot season, it should be with ice 🙂

  4. I love this!!! I just sent it to a blogging friend who has a young one. I think even my older ones would like this.

    We are in Texas and it is sooooo hot it’s just ridiculous! I’ve been grumbling about it all week.

    I’m going to tweet this post and add it to my FB page. Love it

  5. Teri Sibenaller says:

    We also made ice crayons by using a longated, cylinder ice tray from the dollar store for the infants to have a better grasp on ice coloring. This is such a fun project and glad to see so many allowing students to have fun!

  6. Oh, I love the idea of making them “grab-able”. Thanks!

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