pillow horror story

When I was in high school, my best friends dragged me to Pet Sematary.   At that point, I hadn’t seen many movies and certainly none of the horror variety.

scary caat

Those friends knew me.

Those friends knew better.

Those friends laughed hysterically AT ME as I spent the entire two hours UNDER my theater seat with my hands over my eyes.   I probably saw a collective 3 minutes of the movie.

Unfortunately, the collective 3 minutes lead me to understand the basic plot: some kitties just can’t be killed.

You bury them in a really deep hole in the backyard and they somehow show up in your bedroom when you least expect them {insert scream here}.


Lately, my home has become the set for a similar horror story.

Our dead pets have remained dead, but inanimate objects keep reappearing in the house.


Inanimate objects that I swore I threw away or donated to charity.

Inanimate objects that my children seem to not be able to live without.

I could totally understand this tendency to hoard if we were talking about toys, but the objects of their desire are things that are MINE.

It was first noticed when I was donating my laptop from 1998.   It weighs nearly 10 pounds and doesn’t run anything written in the 21st century.   I thought it was long gone until cleaning one day when it shockingly appeared under Ryan’s bed.

Just like Pet Sematary.   Just replace the scary cat with a laptop that is frighteningly large.

The next thing I found was a bag of straws, condiments and recipes.   It was from a cleaning of the kitchen’s junk drawer.   There was nothing of value and likely everything contained in the Ziploc was expired.

It was on the floor of the boys’ closet.   Weeks after I had placed it in the dumpster in our garage.

The scariest of all was the episode of the living room throw pillows.

horror pillow

These pillows have been “shedding” for a year.   They have bald spots.   In their current state, they fill the vacuum each week with pillow litter.   The boys were with me when we picked out replacements.   I threw them away.


But the next day they were back.

I threw them away again.

But the next day they were back.

I threw them away again and then threatened the life of anyone who pulled them out of the trash and returned them to the living room.

horror pillow in the trash can

But the next day they were back…just not in the living room.

They are the pillows that will not die.

And if I see them again, you may find me hiding under the nearest chair.


  1. That’s pretty hysterical. I’d be interested to know who the culprit is.

  2. Too funny! In the future, big black garbage bags are your friends. 😉

  3. Hide the stuff in the van and throw it away somewhere else.

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