Blow Dryer Art

Blow Dryer Art is the perfect messy play to begin your sensory art journey!

Messy play and kids with Sensory Processing Disorder often have trouble meshing, like water and oil. The act of being too messy and touching unusual textures can trigger unpleasant feelings causing the child to get frustrated with his/her surroundings. I’m a strong believer in the importance of messy play but sometimes kids have to be eased into it. We have just the project, the perfect place to start, a way to get used to messy play and start enjoying it without physically getting messy, just yet.

Blow Dryer Art

Messy Play: Blow Dryer Art

All you need:


  1. Lay out the paper – large sheets of butcher paper or poster board are best so there’s room for the paint to be blown everywhere!
  2. Thin the paint out slightly by adding a little water to it so the paint will move easier when hit by the air.
  3. Drop small puddles of thinned paint onto the paper, using multiple colors. They can be arranged anyway you like: a straight line, a cool circle, or just randomly placed on the page.Blow Dryer Art
  4. You’re now ready for the magic to begin! Grab the blow dryer (if there is a no heat setting that is best) and place the blow dryer just a couple inches from the piles of paint and watch the paint move to the direction you point the air. Kids can create messy but fun works of art.  Note: Please practice adult supervision since we are using electricity.
  5. Once you’re done, let the art work dry and then it’s ready to be proudly displayed! It can also be cut down and framed as a gift.  I love that no 2 ever turn out that same!
  6. Don’t forget to date their work. “Johnny — 3 years old — 11/3/14.”

More great ways for kids to get involved in tactile learning while still catering to their individual needs:

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For even more awesome activities be sure to check out our book, 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!  (affiliate link)

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