As you prepare for your second child    you might be wondering what you should put on the baby registry! Along with the normal things like diapers and bottles, here are a few things that you might not know you need the second time around! registry-essentials-for-baby-number-two   Ergo  –  Even if you didn’t use a baby carrier much with your first child, they  can be a real life-saver when your second baby comes along. The ability to carry the newborn and still jog after your toddler is absolutely priceless. It also comes in handy in grocery stores, since it’s unsafe to put car seats on most shopping carts, this is a safe way to carry baby around (and you can still use the seat in the cart to confine your older kiddo). Diaper Backpack – Chances are your old diaper bag has seen better days and is ready for an upgrade anyway. Our suggestion is to try out a backpack instead of an over-the-shoulder bag. This will help you keep both hands free for wrangling multiple children. (This is one of our favorite diaper-backpacks) Sit and Stand Stroller – These are truly wonderful things for moms of more than one kiddo. The younger child can ride in the car seat (or the chair as baby grows) and there is an area where the older child can hop on and off the stroller. It never fails that when you attempt to bring a single stroller the older kiddo will decide his feet hurt and beg you to ride in the stroller. Voice of experience speaking here, it’s not easy to push a 2 year old in a stroller one-handed while holding the infant. Sit and stands are wonderful things.  Also great for confining your toddler if you have a kiddo who tries to run away, like my son.   A monitor for two – These monitors are awesome because you can see both kids on one screen! These are basically essential if  your kiddos are not sharing a room. A good swing – You won’t have quite as much time to just sit and cuddle with your baby this time around. With a toddler who also needs attention it will be harder to have a baby constantly on your hip. A nice swing or bouncer for baby to rest in is a great buy for the second time around. Especially one that is high up off the ground so the toddler doesn’t try to sit in it. This can also be a great vantage point for the baby to watch what is going on in the house and keep an eye on her older sibling! registry-essentials-for-second-baby   New Clothes and bras for you – Sad to say, your body will probably change entirely  again  after this pregnancy. The clothes that fit me after baby number one didn’t always fit quite right after baby two. It’s also common to not lose the baby weight quite as quickly the second time around. Be prepared to invest in a few new outfits for you while your body figures out what it’s doing. The same goes for bras, if you nurse, the ones you used with your first may not fit this time. It’s not all bad though, you can use this tutorial to convert a regular bra into a nursing bra! It takes about an hour and costs less than $5! Gifts for the big sibling – In all the preparations for the new baby, don’t forget the big sibling!  You can find a whole list of gift ideas for the new big brother or big sister here. Special presents to look forward to can help make the transition a bit easier on your bigger-little one. When Baby Becomes Big Sibling – This is a book  covers everything from pregnancy to long after the second baby is born. From mommy-emotions to helping your older child adjust, this book covers it all! You can grab this as an ebook or a  paperback.   Now that  you  are ready for the new baby’s arrival,  here are a few ways you can help your toddler prepare for the new baby.

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