I am exhausted by my offspring’s nasal sensitivity. rhett and rope swingI have mentioned Rhett(6)’s aversion to the stench of toast.   It was my true belief that if I ignored it, it would eventually go away. It appears this was overly optimistic motherly hope. Not only has Rhett’s toast over-reaction continued, Reid(8) has harnessed the power of toast for evil.   Early morning screams are often overheard in the kitchen as one brother is chasing the other with the vile breakfast food. This is NOT a new problem.   I am raising sensitive boys – not in the good way, but the irritating one. This morning was the perfect demonstration of food aversion musical chairs… Rhett:   Mom!   Reid is making toast.   Does he HAVE to eat it? Me:   Yes, you can sit at the kitchen table and he can sit at the kitchen counter so you don’t smell it. Ryan:   Mom, can you make me some eggs? Me:   Sure.   Sit down by Reid and I will fry you an egg. Reid:   He can’t sit by me.   I can’t STAND the smell of eggs. Rhett:   He can sit by me!   I like eggs. Me:   Ryan, go sit by Rhett. *a few minutes later I deliver 2 fried eggs to Ryan at the kitchen table* Ryan:   Mom, can I put some cheese on these? Me:   Sure.   Let me get you some. Rhett:   HE CAN’T SIT BY ME IF HE IS EATING CHEESE! Really? Really.

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  1. Sounds like a logic problem…you need a chart to figure out who can sit where and with which food items. Perhaps cereal would make things easier?

  2. this is when I would put in the rule, “idc who is eating what everyone eat here at the table and if you don’t want to you don’t have to eat anything. I am nice enough to even make you separate options to eat so don’t complain where you sit!!”

  3. I have 3 girls that are like that. My oldest and I both are highly sensitive to sounds, and all of us are sensitive to smells. I cook and bake a lot, so I’m always getting “Ew, what’s that smell?” for something as bland as cucumbers. If I’m typing on the keyboard, my oldest will get up in a huff and storm to her room (she’s 14 so that’s not really unusual anyway). My husband doesn’t like the sound of people eating out of potato chip bags. I guess we are all just sensitive. I will have to look up that book and read it. I would like to know why we are all like this though.

  4. I saw a link to this on Pinterest and had to see what your take was.. I’m a mom and a librarian, and a huge believer in the power of information. You should really check out The Highly Sensitive Child (and maybe even the Highly Sensitive Person). My son is the same way with smells and sounds, and this book really helped me understand his experience of the world and how to nurture this gift (yes, it’s a good thing!) and equip him with the right tools to deal with his sensitivities.