a hazardous occupation

There was a heated discussion in the backseat.

future lawyer of americaReid(8):   There is NO WAY you would make it all the way through law school.

Rhett(6):   I could so.

It is YEARS and YEARS.

I could do it.

No you can’t.

I can!   I am going to be a lawyer just like Ryan.

Ryan(11):   Rhett, law school is going to be hard, but you can probably do it.

Reid:   That is why I am going to be a janitor.   I don’t want to go to school forever.

Ryan:   You do NOT want to be a janitor.

Yes I do.   I am going to be a janitor.

Janitors don’t make very much money.   You won’t have enough money to live on.

Janitors make $15 an hour and I will work 12 hours a day.   12 x 15 equals a LOT.

{I looked back in the rear view mirror to see Reid deep into calculations in his head.}

You should really be a lawyer.   It is WAY more than $15 an hour.

But they have to go to school for a long time.   I just have to go to janitor school.   It is short.   MOM!   How long is janitor’s school?

Me:   I don’t even know.   It might be a weekend course or on-the-job training.

SEE!   You will be studying for YEARS and I will be making money as a janitor.

But you will be CLEANING!

Yes.   Cleaning is easy for me.

{Here is where I roll my eyes…no one in my house has demonstrated cleaning skills that would be worthy of pay.}

But you will be at risk for Mesothelioma!

Only an 11 year old with a bright class action trial law future would think of such a thing.


  1. this was hilarious!!! i think kids at this age are the most funny.

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