The boys.

reid and knightsThey have been staunchly anti-girl for so long, it is what I expect.

Girls are yucky IS the Nirvana household position.


Well, until yesterday.

It was a school day.   I picked Rhett(6) and Reid(8) up first in carline.   They were deep in discussion about something when they entered the car toting backpacks and lunch boxes along with a variety of handheld paper projects.

Rhett:   No, that isn’t how it is.

Reid:   Yes.   I know it is.

I promise you.

You are wrong.

No I am not!   I DON’T have a girlfriend.

Reid {under his breath}:   Don’t bring up that subject.

*that was phrased curiously*

Me:   Reid, do you have a girlfriend?

*Reid hits Rhett*


{I try to maintain composure and steer the car safely through the school parking lot} Oh, who is she?

Mary* is my girlfriend.

*not her real name – for the faithful Nirvana reader, it is the girl who has been one of his closest friends since first grade.

{I continue to try to maintain composure and steer the car safely through the school parking lot}   Good choice.   I like her.


Does it really change just like that?  

In third grade?

And now I am questioning the position strength of the other two.

Despite the fact that they tease each other to the extreme about just about EVERYTHING, no one has even whispered a tease about this.

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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  1. Lol, Reid has a girlfriend?! So cute. Soon, they will all have one, and will surely end this anti-girl thing.

  2. JDaniel has his first “girl” friend in preschool, but he maintains it really is just a girl that is a friend.