I originally got into blogging as a substitute for scrapbooking.  I was scrapbooking nearly every waking moment of my first born’s life! That can be exhausting. Make a MOVIE in 5 Minutes - Kids Activities Blog As the expenses increased and I had less and less time to devote to this hobby, I realized one of the other barriers was that scrapbooks aren’t very sharable.  That is where blogging really helped.  I was able to post pictures, videos/movies and stories for grandma, great aunt and friends. But movie-making  is hard. Figuring out what we were going to do, setting it up, getting the kids to cooperate, actually pushing record – over & over, and then the editing!  <—insert ominous music over that last statement. One Day App for easy video - Kids Activities Blog Then I found out about the One Day App {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} and I started playing around with it on my iPhone.

One Day App for Video

It is a free app that is super easy to download. Once the One Day App is on the phone, you can easily choose what type of kid “interview” to conduct. One Day App - choose and record story The questions come up as prompts – you can easily skip questions that are not applicable.  You can also easily re-do a section or delete a section if needed. Once you are done with the questions you want to include, you push one button and magically a full movie  with music and text appears!  Here is the first one we did with my 8 year old about his new puppy, Panda.
It was so simple that I kept going with interviews of my other two boys.  My 11 year old has a very objective conversation about starting school {cough}…
Once there are more than one movies  in the One Day App, they appear together on a screen where you can choose to watch one or select one to be shared or downloaded. One Day App - Stories Ready to Share I downloaded these and put them on the Kids Activities Blog YouTube channel, but they could stay in my phone’s library, be emailed to grandma, or posted to  FB or Twitter. My 13 year old’s interview was my favorite.  The last question caught him by surprise and created one of my favorite moments that is now captured on a movie  to re-watch.
What I adore about the One Day App is how easily all this was done within just a few minutes.  Complicated things just don’t happen very often in my house!

One Day App Giveaway

Through the generosity of the dear folks at One Day App, they are giving away a $500 Target Gift Card!  Whoo hoo! Note:  When the entry requires a comment, it is IN the widget, not on this blog post. a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck!

Save Those Memories

Be sure to download the One Day App and make your first movie  right now.  You are going to be surprised at what you can easily do in a few minutes. A huge thank you to One Day App for supporting Kids Activities Blog and all that we do here.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Kids Activities Blog was compensated for our participation as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.  

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