Kindergarten Art

We recently visited my son's open house. I absolutely love looking at artwork by kids. They crack me up and have so much imagination. It's always inspiring to see them together like these self portraits. Besides playing with their brothers or sisters, most of them say their favorite thing is to play Wii or eat at McDonalds.

Here are their drawings of mom and dad. We got to read what they wrote about us and try to guess which one was our kid's drawing.

This is what our son did ¦ LOL!

Okay, really ¦ my hair looks NOTHING like that! It's so much longer:-) I got a big laugh at what he wrote about us!

Here are a few more good ones ¦

Well, at least I don't panic a lot:-)

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  1. OMG that is too funny! I wonder if the teacher would have published it if a kid said, “My mom and dad spend a lot of ALONE TIME in their room with the door locked.”

    hee hee

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