Car Marionette Puppet (a video)

car marionette puppet.The kids and I made our first video (well, that I can remember) using car marionettes.     Chevy DFW inspired this post, they dared me to make a video with my kids and cars.   My minivan isn’t quite movie worthy, let’s just say its got more than it’s fair share of dings and is it’s typical “dirty”… but we have a pretty rocking collection of matchbox cars!


How to make your own car marionette?

We got a few index cards, folded them in half and then cut slits about 1/3 an inch long into the four corners of the cards.

Tie some black thread to the wheels, loop them through the slits in your card.

car marionette puppet

… and viola!   You too can “boom” with your matchbox cars!   This is such a simple way to entertain car-crazed kiddos!   Now I only wish there were a magic “un-knot” me cure.   My almost 4 year old is getting quite frustrated when the puppets get tangled.



Join the dare!   Make your own video featuring a chevy or your matchbox cars collection.   I’d love to see it!

Thanks @chevydfw for pushing me out of my comfort zone! This was a fun activity!


  1. BAHAHAHAHA that made me laugh out loud! Brilliant! My 4-yr-olds would LOVE that!

  2. Rachel, you are a creative genius! That was soooo adorable, your kids are so lucky to have a movie making mom who is super fun! Kudos!

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