There are so many things the kids and I want to do together.   We only have 6 more weeks of summer!   Not enough time!   Here are a few of the activities from last week that looked like so much fun that we put them into our family’s “Summer Bucket List”.

Fun things to do.

bucket list for kids

Bucket List for Summer

1. A super fun summer activity is making bubbles, giant ones!   Love this recipe from TinkerLab – bubble solution to fill the water table! 2.   Go to the Farmers Market.     I love how Cathy of Nurture Store made veggies fun – having fun with our veggies is on my to-do list! 3.   Supersoaker Clean-up.   The kids gripe about cleaning up – but I bet they’d start begging to clean the patio with this activity from JDaniel’s4Mom!

bucket list for kids

3. Bubbles.   More bubbles!   Nothing else needs to be said!   Can you believe that we have yet to play with bubbles this summer?? 4.   Yarn Butterflies.   We have a bunch of yarn, glue… what are we waiting for! 5.   Jump on Water Balloons on the Trampoline.   Jumping is fun.   Water balloons are fun – both is better! 6.   Metal pans at the splash pad.   We love our local splash pad and have brought cups for the kids to pour with before… but metal pans have a fun ring to them. 7. Bring summer inside with a fun and silly grass head. 8.   Practice storytelling while doing yoga with your kids – a great summer exercise for kids. 9.   Make your own playscape for kids using old tree logs.   Get the kids outside! .

Ideas for a Bucket List

Am I missing any??   Thanks all of you for adding some simple fun activities to help fill our summer days!   Want to be featured?   Add a link to the It’s Playtime weekly link-up.   I glean from the link-up for most of my compilation posts, for the stuff that you find on my facebook wall, twitter, etc.   Give me the chance to promote you!
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