Mornings come early here at the Nirvana. morning sergeantIt isn’t my choice. It appears that both my husband and I have recessive early rising genes which are dominant in the next generation.   Mine is more recessive than his. There must be rooster in both of our family trees. Through the years I have adapted.   I think it is part of family evolution. If left to their own internal alarm clocks, my boys would be up around 5 am.   When threatened into societal conformation, they can hold out until 6 am with a bit of wiggling, complaining and an occasional Chutes and Ladders game.* *Yes, a few days ago I heard a heated argument at 5:15 am, went upstairs to find Ryan(10) and Rhett(5) wrapped in blankets from the bed huddled around a Chutes and Ladders board on the floor accusing each other of cheating. Well at least school mornings are easy since everyone is up! Uh, no. In fact, school mornings require a series of orders:
  • Get dressed!
  • We are going to be late.
  • Brush your teeth!
  • Where is your belt?
  • We are going to be late!
  • Why is there only ONE shoe here?
  • Pack your lunch!
  • We are going to be late if you don’t hurry.
  • Have you eaten?
  • Get mom to brush your hair!
Get mom to brush your hair? Yes, these orders are NOT from me.   They are from Ryan. Ryan, the morning Sergeant. He whips the troops into order in a frenzy of urgent directives. Which is why they are ready 15-20 minutes early and have plenty of time to fight with each other. What a blessing.

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  1. My kids went through a long phase of crazy early rising, but as my son approached 8 yrs old, his mornings started getting later. He also seems to fall asleep later at night, by a bit, but I will say that I am quite happy not to be awakened at 6am any more. Now, if I could only get one of my kids to play drill sergeant….

  2. What is with the early rising thing? My boys do it, too. Nothing like waking up at 5:45 on a Saturday morning to “YOU CHEATED, YOU BIG FAT CHEATER!!!” I’ve tried to make the rule that they have to stay in bed till the sun comes up, but it just doesn’t happen. Ugh.

  3. Would Ryan be interested in an exchange trip to the UK? I could really do with his help in the morning to organise my two. 😉