I can’t live without my DSLR  camera, but since I became a mom,  I realized that my favorite moments don’t always wait for me to grab my “big” camera.  Sometimes, there are tricky, fleeting  moments that I can capture more easily with  my camera phone.  That’s why I decided to try  Groovebook  {Kids Activities Blog Sponsor} as a quick and easy way to have all of my camera phone photos printed for me! In fact, when I had my first child, we relied exclusively on iPhone photos to capture every moment – mostly, because we always had a newborn in our arms and life was *busy* <—does that even begin to describe it?!  But, guess what?  Four years later and I still hadn’t printed a single one of those precious newborn photos from  my phone.  That’s why  we are thrilled to be working  with  Groovebook  because each month, you just upload photos from your  phone, and in return, you get a sweet little book of all of your  camera phone photos delivered to you! It’s so convenient!! take-photos-with-camera-phone Now, that brings me back to my camera phone. It’s true that my canon rebel is like another baby in the family, but after we got our first Groovebook, I realized that there are pictures that I just can’t get as easily with my big camera.  With a preschooler and toddler at home, life moves fast and I have to move faster!!  Which means my camera  has to move at impossible speeds…but  I digress…

So,  what are those tricky moments that I capture with my camera phone?

1.) In the car, on a plane, or traveling in general with kids 2.) Photos of me with my husband <—now, thanks to  my daughter, she can take a quick iPhone  shot! 3.) Family selfie 4.) Long walks/hikes when it can be harder and  heavier to bring another camera 5.) Saying goodbye to  family or friends  after a visit and they’re rushing to beat traffic or jump on a plane! 6.)  When you’re by yourself  and juggling younger kids…and, because I know how quickly they’re growing, I still want to take pictures of them.. 7.)  Sweet, fleeting moments  that are sure to end the moment you get your other camera ready! 8.) At the beach or the pool when you don’t want to scratch a camera lens or drop your camera in the pool  {I  don’t know anyone who’s done that} 9.) When you’re rushed  and getting together all the accessories for the big camera is just impossible! 10.)  When  you have a newborn and you can’t possibly risk moving and  waking the baby….yet, you’re somehow skilled at sliding out your phone and taking a thousand pics of said newborn.  Go figure. So, here’s the thing. All those tricky photos that sit on my phone only EVER sit on my phone.   Until I found Groove book and fell in love. groovebook-photo-book

Here’s how  Groove book works:

  • You review each photo on your phone and “click” on the ones you want printed in your book
  • Then,  upload all of your photos (between 40-100 per month) through  your Groovebook app {{it’s super easy}}
  • After 10-12 days, you have a fully perforated book of adorable camera phone photos!
There are some  advanced options that allow you to choose photos twice or more.  That way, you can rip out the photos and share them with family or friends and you will still have a copy, too! You can get your own Groove book here – the price still blows me away!! But, in full disclosure… Just know  that this book is not mine…it is owned, managed, and guarded by my two kids – and, they LOVE it!!  So, you may want to click  a few extra of your favorite photos and rip them out before you hand the book over to your kids <—don’t say I didn’t warn you!! 🙂 Bonus:: Did you know you can give Groovebook as a gift? For $35, one lucky person  can get a whole years worth of groove books!  I think it’s the best tween gift or new parent gift on the market {{and super affordable}}…just saying!!

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