With cooler weather just around the corner, you’re going to love these kid hacks!    I’ve got two different tricks for teaching your  toddler (or preschooler) how to put on his/her own jacket.  They might still need a little help with the zipper, but I found it such huge help when  there was one less thing to deal with when trying to get out the door.  My son, who demonstrates both techniques in the photos, is a preschooler now but he’s been putting on his own jacket since toddlerhood.  Imagine not  having to stand at the door, keys, purse, backpack, etc. in hand and  hold out a pint-sized  jacket  in an effort  to get it on a wiggly little kid.   With these two easy techniques that wiggly little one can do it without help!  They gain independence, you get a little extra sanity, it’s a win-win! Kid Hacks

How to Put on a Jacket –  The Flip Method

kid hacks
  1. Place the coat on the floor with the inside facing up.
  2. Stand facing the coat with your feet at the top. (Where the collar or hood are.)
  3. Bend down and slip your arms into the sleeves.
  4. Flip the coat over your head as you stand up.
  5. Voila!  All warm and ready to go!

How to Put on a Jacket – The Hood First Method

kid hacks * Obviously if your jacket doesn’t have a hood you’d want to use the first method, but this is another great way for  your kid to get dressed on their own.
  1. Make sure your coat is unzipped and place the hood on your head.
  2. Reach back until you feel the arm hole and slip your arm in.
  3. To find the other sleeve more easily,  use the sleeved hand to pull the opposite side of the jacket towards the front, then slip your arm into the sleeve.
  4. That’s it!  All in and ready to go!
Fastening the zipper, snaps, or buttons takes  practice but at least the jacket is on!  Now if there was just any easy way to keep track of both shoes…you might leave the house in record speed! To help those fastening skills, try this awesome DIY Clipping Toy!

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