Let’s talk about the weather

It has been a mild Texas spring. We have been hovering in the mid-70s with dips to the high 50s and occasional spikes to the low 80s.

The trees and flowers seem a bit non-committal. The buds open slightly, peek around and then tentatively hang in unenthusiastic bloom. Nature has paused. Quite honestly, I can’t really blame nature because it’s Mother often punishes spring with an ice storm.

Despite the mildness, spring is one of the few times of year that we actually have WEATHER. You know, the kind that you have to check the news or Google in the morning before getting dressed.

Ryan has complained that whatever I tell him to wear to school seems to be wrong.

Mom, remember when you sent me to school with a COAT when it was WARM and in SHORTS when it was COLD?

Sorry buddy…if weather.com can’t get it right, what chance do I have?

And then there was yesterday morning:
Time: 6:34 am
Temperature: 75
Conditions: Thunder Storms with Rain Showers

The boys come tumbling down the stairs reporting sights of lightening and sounds of thunder.

Ryan: At least I don’t have to go to school.
Me: What? Of course you have to go.
But it is raining.
They don’t call off school for rain.
MOM! Turn on the news and check.
Ryan. They don’t call off school for rain.
YES THEY DO! Check the computer.
I am NOT going to check the computer. You are going to school!
Reid: MOM! I just saw lightening! Ryan can’t go to school in lightening.

Ryan does not go to school in a pool.


  1. spinning in our own direction says:

    QUACK QUACK.. As we were pulling through the GIANT puddles to take Landry to school this morning he was complaining that he needed to get out and ride his bike.. Yeah.. NO.. One wet child comming up.. Are you sure Ryan doesn’t goto school in apond.. REALLY???

  2. Manic Mommy says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t let Ryan go to school for an hour after he’s eaten. Just to be safe.

  3. Oldest always delights in Finfrock getting the temp wrong – “hah! He said it would be 72, it’s 73!”

    Poor Dave.

    Ah, Spring in Texas.

    Maybe the rain will wash away all those pesky swine flu germies 🙂

  4. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Aww, Mom, at least they tried. 🙂

    Barefootin’ it here in LA.

  5. Wow………..was there wind, too???

    That would be enough to throw anybody off their game!

  6. jill jill bo bill says:

    You didn’t make him carry that that long metal pole again, did you?

  7. WeaselMomma says:

    Wouldn’t you have felt stupid if school happened to be closed. The Weasels almost had me a few times when I had to est those words.

  8. nice try kids, nice try.

  9. Jennifer H says:

    How much did Ryan pay Reid to say that? 🙂

    I could use a bit of crazy weather. A solid, all-business thunderstorm would do me some good.

  10. Please send the rain down here, because we sorely need it!!

    It is sooo hot and dry here right now. ugh.

    I love that. Ryan and Reid are quite a pair.

  11. Ohhh… I wanna take a “rain day”!

  12. MoziEsmé says:

    It WAS a good try. And I think school in a pool would be cool…

  13. Nap Warden says:

    Wait, why doesn’t Ryan go to school in a pool?;)

  14. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    Since you’re in Texas I was assuming a Swine Flu closure–I’m glad it’s just raining.

  15. We are closed up here because of the Swine, um, H1N1 influenza. That’s about like getting a day off for rain. 🙂

    Love the fear. Embrace it. Oh, and wash your hands.

  16. now that my kids are grown I love reading stories about other young kids and the cute things they say. Any excuse to get out of school 🙂

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