Win a Class ~ Learn To Draw With Colored Pencils!

We are delighted to be working with Craftsy today to give away an online class teaching you how to draw with colored pencils! Go here and sign up for a chance to win. This class is normally $29.99, but one lucky winner will get to take this amazingly awesome class for free!

drawing with colored pencils class

In Drawing With Colored Pencils You Will:

Easily create endless colors and beautifully realistic artwork with this affordable, transportable medium! Artist Lisa Dinhofer guides you through burnishing and blending for seamless surfaces and using solvent to create a soft-focus wash effect. Quickly conquer erasing, scraping and embossing techniques to add texture and dimension to your work and dive into various methods of masking to keep your borders pristine and preserve lifelike highlights.  Harness the full potential of your pencils with a still-life rendering, and establish value and atmospheric depth through strategic placement of warm and cool colors. Explore your creative instincts with colored pencil and gain the confidence to create expressive, exuberant works of art!

So head over to Craftsy and enter to win a free drawing with colored pencils class!

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