My quirky kids like to play with their food… and it’s Wacky Wednesday at our house in honor of one of our favorite books by, Theo LeSieg. Here are several silly and “wacky” snack ideas that were recently linked up to It’s Playtime! I hope they inspire you and your children to have fun playing with your food. Quirky Kids snacks

Sun Scholar has two fun activities where she made her kids food into an experience.   In her post Edible Beach Bucket, Rachel made a graham cracker topped pudding for her kids to enjoy and then made a watermelon shark – complete with a mouthful of fish.

Deb from Science at Home had several snack ideas, the one that stood out to me was scotch eggs.   I have never heard or seen them before, but they look like little bread covered globes!   This would be a perfect take-out “learning” snack!

Jill of Kitchen Fun has a whole blog chock full of silly cooking ideas for kids!   I could get stuck there for hours!   Two of the posts she recently linked up include her Panda Burgers and the Bert and Ernie Fruit Faces.   Yummy!

Amy is one of my new blogging pals.   I have enjoyed browsing her blog chronicling the preschool she is running from her house.     She has numerous varieties of butterfly snacks, some with muffins, others with fruit and tortilla chips but the one she linked up had fun with veggies – my favorite!

Quirky Kids Food

Another wacky kids blog is Paint on the Ceiling, featuring Hannah and her kiddos.   This week they had fun munching on and painting with their food!

Bananas, flax seed, antioxidant filled chocolate and pretzels make up this fun and simple “spider snack“.

Kelley of Little Wonders made a great bucket list that I featured on the QuirkyMomma Facebook page a few weeks ago.   This week they linked up one of their activities: Making banana pops!   These look so yummy!


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  1. I read a similar article on another site and couldn’t get the gist of it, but your post is much clearer. Cheers!

  2. Oh my goodness, that shark mouth with the fish is hilarious. Although I’m not sure I’d want to field the hours of questions that preschoolers could ask about that. (we’re on a why? kick here 🙂 )