life is too short to fold fitted sheets

Awhile back I came across Martha Stewart’s instructions for folding a fitted sheet.   It seemed so simple…like so many Martha projects.

But no matter how closely I followed the detailed directions, my folded fitted sheet didn’t look tidy.

life is too short to fold fitted sheetsIt was a complete failure of coordination.

Or maybe my sheets aren’t as fancy as Martha’s.

Or maybe no one irons my sheets before folding.

I decided that life was too short to fold fitted sheets, but that didn’t mean I needed to give up a lovely linen closet.

Well…my linen closet was far from lovely:

before fitted sheet transformation

OK, you can break it to me that folding fitted sheets was the least of my linen closet woes.

We use this closet for medicine, beauty products, over-stock cleaning supplies, extra linens and whatever won’t fit elsewhere.

Whenever I open the closet, I cringe.


I took some measurements and headed for Target.   My idea was to find baskets or nice plastic containers that could be placed on the shelves and filled with all the things that lived in this cringe-worthy closet.

I found these green plastic baskets that complimented the wall color and just made me happy.

fitted sheets in basketsOh, and a fitted sheet fits in them along with the rest of the sheet set.   And it doesn’t matter if it is folded perfectly!

Labels for what was in each basket was added to the shelf.

Shelves were designated for towels, sheets, beauty products and the highest shelves were saved for the medicines categorized by age and medical symptoms.   This way when you are sneezing, you can pull down the appropriate basket for allergy relief.

After all that work, the linen closet is officially lovely:

fitted sheet afterEverything went back into the closet and there are even a few empty baskets for future use.   The larger baskets at the bottom can be used for trash or larger linen items like blankets and comforters.

Don’t tell Martha, but I think my fitted sheet folding failure has turned out fine.


What did Holly Clean Today updated with 2Today Holly cleaned her boys’ bunkbed frame {which may or may not have EVER been cleaned before} with Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.


  1. I think that needs to be the title of a blog! Life Is Too Short To Fold Fitted Sheets!!!

  2. Its actually the title of a book I recently read. Not worth the read, in my opinion.

  3. You fold sheets? Wow, I haven’t had the time or inclination to fold linens in years. I did teach the kids how to roll towels in a military fashion. We can then grab a towel without getting more than 1. I usually just buy the 6 for $24 towels at costco. They are all white, large enough without being over sized, and dry well on the clothes line. The over sized egyptian beach towels from costco are huge, but are so thick they take a long time to dry.

  4. That looks so nice! The baskets look so nice but the fact that they are plastic means that they will last until the next ice age and not fall apart like regular wicker baskets.

  5. I think your linen closet organization method and how you take care of fitted sheets is way better than Martha’s idea 🙂

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