I am always on a mission  to  repurpose Melissa and Doug  boxes! Honestly, I love the quality of these toys, but the boxes  are something that  I just can’t throw away.  Since I live in a small place, we don’t use the boxes for toy storage; instead, we store everything in ziploc bags so they fit in the closet nicely.  After working with dozens of containers and lots of creative juice, we’ve found over 10 ways to repurpose Melissa and Doug boxes.  You may find yourself buying the toys just to get your hands on the boxes – ha! Over 10 Ways to Repurpose Melissa and Doug Boxes

Over 10 Ways to Repurpose Melissa and Doug Boxes

Night Light

Make a simple night light  with your kids favorite photo.  Kids will love getting to see a family photo while they fall asleep at night from Happilyevermom

Mini Clipboard

Take the top off of one of these puzzle boxes and add a clip to the top.  Tie a pen or pencil to the clip, add some paper, and you have a mini clip board for kids!  Take it to a restaurant or on a road trip and, after you’re done, you can easily use the top for the puzzle box again!

Chalkboard  Box

Flip the box upside down from this unit block set and paint with chalkboard paint.  Kids can add  scenes like roads, moats, or grass and flowers while they build with blocks!

Game  Board

Can you believe you can actually  make a Backgammon board  from Melissa and Doug boxes?!  I know, I had to see it for myself too… from Infarrantly Creative Over 10 Ways to Repurpose Melissa and Doug Boxes

Shadow Box

Use smaller boxes like the ones you can find with these adorable stamp sets, and turn them into a shadow box for children’s artwork or even a favorite photo.  Decorating the trim of the box is deceptively easy, too – just line the edges with washi tape to create a unique look!

Art  Canvas

Give kids the chance to explore different painting surfaces with a container that isn’t as useful for storage from Tinkerlab

Chalkboard Doll House

Make a simple doll house that can go with you anywhere by painting melissa and doug stamp containers with chalkboard paint.  We love that you can change the scenes whenever kids  want!

Doll House Tray

Not interested in using chalkboard paint?  Just grab a few doll house supplies and place them in one of melissa and doug cutting food trays.  This doll house can go anywhere, too, but you can easily revert  it back to  toy storage after  you’re done playing! Over 10 Ways to Repurpose Melissa and Doug Boxes

Drawer Organizer

My daughter  painted our ABC stamp collection box from Melissa and Doug and the box fit perfectly in our bathroom drawer.  It now holds all of our hair accessories, rubber bands, bows, kid’s toothpaste, and combs!  It’s so nice to not have to rummage through that drawer anymore – who knew our toy box was the best solution?!

Art Storage

Repurpose Melissa and Doug boxes into storage for art supplies that you can write on and erase with new labels from Artful Parent

Artwork Collage

Treasure your child’s artwork for years to come with this simple artwork shadow box  <—psst…your kids can get in on the fun and help! from Parent Hacks

Watercolor Pens

Okay, this isn’t exactly from a toy container, but have you seen the Melissa and Doug water pens?  They are a must have when you travel with little ones (trust me), but we took the pens to a whole new level when we added a little something to the water – both my kids loved this! from Happily Ever Mom Love these easy hacks?  Come on over to our Facebook page and tell us which one was your favorite!  

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  1. I’m using the Melissa and Doug block wagon for my kids toniebox and tonies.I lined it with magnetic paper so the tonies don’t move too much. I’m also using the wooden train box for extra tonie storage.