I’ve spent the last few months trying to learn how to take better pictures of my family. I’ve scoured the internet, read free tutorials, and spent hours watching videos, but then I found an online class from Craftsy {Kids Activities Blog Sponsor}, Family Photography, Candid Moments in Storytelling, that taught me everything I needed to know about taking pictures of my family. This one class taught me everything I needed to know about taking family portraits, and right now it’s 50% off for the next week. Which is an amazing deal. take better family portraits What I love about Craftsy classes is that they’re broken up in chapters. Plus, I can watch them on my iPad, through the free app, and go back and re-watch the chapters I need a little extra help on. (And I am a major beginner with a DSLR, so I need a lot of extra help!) I also love that you can take the class whenever you want and your access to them never expires once you sign up! The instructor, commercial photographer Kirk Tuck, has photographed many extraordinary people, from President Bill Clinton to Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger. So you know that you’re learning from one of the best. candid family portraits

In Craftsy’s  Online Family Photography class, you will learn:

  1. Shooting in Open Shade:  Shooting outdoors in the sun and in the shade presents some exposure challenges. Kirk shows you how to get a great shot wherever the light falls.
  2. Shutter Speed and Movement:  If your family is always on the go, why not get some action shots? Freeze that trampoline jumper high in the air or create motion blur as you capture an intrepid scooter-rider.
  3. Using Natural Light Indoors:  Capture those quiet, indoor moments with ambient light. Kirk shows you how to create beautiful, natural portraits of your family.
  4. To Think Like a Storyteller:  When chronicling your family’s events, think like a storyteller. Kirk explains how to plan and choose your shots so to create a beginning, middle and end in an engaging package.
  5. Post Processing Fundamentals:  Using Adobe Lightroom, Kirk demonstrates how post-processing can enhance a photo that captures a great moment but has some technical problems such as under- or overexposure. Add sharpness and saturation or crop your photos to make them more compelling.
  6. Advanced Post Processing:  Kirk walks you through some of the more advanced features of a photo-processing program such as Lightroom, explaining how to use the histogram, tone curve and HSL sliders to enhance your photos. Learn how to remove blemishes, use presets and share your photos.
  7. DSLR Menus: If you’re a beginner with your DSLR, check out this bonus chapter. Kirk gives a quick review of the common settings on your digital single-lens reflex camera.
Go sign up! It’s 50% off for a limited time, that’s a savings of $30!  But hurry, because that discount price is only available until July 24! Thanks so much to Craftsy for being a Kids Activities Blog sponsor. All opinions expressed are my own.

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