A Request on Behalf of the Arts Community of Dallas

Big Thought is a non-profit organization in my area that goes alongside schools and provides encouragement and resources to schools, classrooms, even parents to help the kids in this inner-city environment learn through the arts.   They have helped third graders learn to write through dancing, helped low-income kids go to summer camps filled with enriching activities, they’ve libraries create and staff story-times or performances for the kids, created a community center for teens.   In an economy where much of the fun or imagination in education is being stripped from the schools (class sizes are rising and arts/recess are being cut back in our area), Big Thought has been a beacon encouraging communities to be more creative.   I love that!


They need your help!   Metroplex Cadillac Dealers is offering a huge grant ($50,000) that could help them bring paint and poems to so many homes!   In order for them to win the grant they need your help, your votes.   Go to Metroplex Cadillac Dealers facebook site and vote for Big Thought.   You will make my day.   Thanks Mextroplex Cadillac for sponsoring QM, and helping bring attention to the arts and Big Thought in Dallas.

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  1. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I am off to vote!

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