It isn’t that I don’t LOVE Christmas. Christmas 2011I do. I just get stressed out over all the stuff that needs to be arranged. It doesn’t seem to matter if I started in July, there will still be outgoing Christmas cards in my mailbox today. Oh yes there are. Part of me loves the over-the-top way we all celebrate. Part of me would rather crawl into bed with a good book. Both parts are glad that it is December 27 and not November 27.   11 more months until we repeat it all over again. I don’t know how Santa does it. Well, actually I do.   He has help.   Not just the help of elves, but the help of millions and millions of parents working to keep sugar plums dancing in the heads of their offspring. And that brings me to the other stressful thing about Christmas…Santa himself. There are just too many holes in the Santa theory for me to come up with yet another compelling argument for his side.   By the 24th I was just saying, “it is magic.”   That should cover it, right? In most houses, yes. In my house, with my first born(10)…absolutely not. And he isn’t quietly questioning the bearded one.   He was mocking his existence with fervor no matter what Santa-believin‘ friend or relative’s child was within earshot. I had him. Late on Christmas eve, I took this photo at OUR fireplace where HIS stocking is hung with care…

Santa visits my house

Reid(8) and Rhett(6) were amazed that my camera had caught such a thing. Ryan said, “Who did you hire in the middle of the night to pose for that?”

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  1. LOL I soooo feel your pain! My ten year old son has taken to making air quotes when he refers to “Santa”…also told me he has serious doubts about the tooth fairy…

  2. Magical 😉

    Totally agree – so happy that another Christmas is in the past but looking forward to the next one.

  3. 1) November 27th is my b-day.
    2) One of my five year old twins is certain that the Elf on the Shelf is a hoax. Absolutely certain. I just can not keep up with his questions and he sees me winging it along the way as each of his questions get harder and harder for me to answer. Now, he just lashes out… Mom, is lying. The Elf is a fake.
    3) Santa made a house call on Christmas Eve and came baring gifts to our family Christmas Eve dinner. My five year old was the first out of 15 kids to notice that Santa used wrapping paper like ours. Ugh!