Summer is time for the family road trip! Follow Kids Activities Blog and Julie Blair and her family as they travel 8 states in 30 days for the ultimate road trip story ¦ Road Trip Across The Country With Kids The world’s most epic game of Eye Spy can be played at Ella’s Deli, a  circus-themed eatery  in Madison, Wis. circus deli “It’s got a  merry-go-round,” Jim, the owner of the  apartment we rented, told me. “It’s pretty good for kids.” As a Michigan native, I can detect a humble Midwestern understatement  when I hear one. Sure enough, Ella’s was so spectacular that my kids will be talking about it until high school: Suspended from the ceiling are dozens of vintage tin circus-themed  toys, chirping and clacking their way  from one end of the restaurant to another. The walls, too, were covered with tin toys: There’s a delightful singing Elvis, a balloon-headed Betty Boop perched atop a swing, a bulldog lifting a barbell. But that’s not all. A majority of the tables are functional shadow boxes. Ours included a  working toy train and cutaway of a doll house. We were so busy taking everything in, we didn’t mind the wait for dinner. The Jewish deli dishes up matzo ball soup, sauerkraut sandwiches and  a kind of pickle juice slurpee. I tried a five-cheese cheeseburger deliciously tucked into a poppy seed bun; our manny Joel  loved his  cabbage roll-up. For dessert, Charlotte and I split a chocolate cake made with sour cream and topped with homemade vanilla custard. (According to my friend Dana Villamagna, a Wisconsin native,  this high-fat ice cream  is specific to Wisconsin and made with, oh I don’t know, butter…) The big kids had sundaes vaulted into antique footed dishes. And finally, when  we were stuffed and moaning, we  exited for a ride on the wonderfully  creaky 1927 wooden carousel,j paid for in poker chips offered at the deli’s check out. I would agree with our host’s understatement: Ella’s Deli is “pretty good for kids.”   Road Trip With Kids

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