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Road Trip Across The Country With Kids

There is something inherently  theraputic about swaying in a wooden  rocking chair on a creaky  front porch, I thought as I squeaked back and forth.

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Things  might have been  strenuous in the 1900s–there was back-breaking farm labor for example–but perhaps  life wasn’t as complicated as we’ve made  it in 2014.

At the  Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa, you can ponder your elders’ past–and your own present–when touring the three different  American farms circa. 1700, 1850 and 1900, a fantastic experience not to be missed if you’re in the Des Moines area.

Costumed docents  greet you to explain, for example, why the Native Americans utilized not one but three different styles of homes for the varying seasons.

Travel further down the forested path–and  through time–to  discover the farm  home made of wooden rails “glued” together with mud.

Finally, you’ll arrive at the sweet, white clapboard home, a friendly  tabby cat greeting you.

The museum is a terrific place  to take stock of human innovation: While my husband  was amazed by the development in farming techniques in such a short timeframe, I couldn’t believe how much the décor evolved–from  buffalo hide  teepees  to patterned flower wallpaper.

Meanwhile, the  kids had an opportunity to consider the importance of animals in history as they chased the museum’s free-range pigs, chickens and sheep.

Joel amused the crowd by playing a 100-year-old organ. Then, he  purchased heirloom Iowa seeds to plant in his garden at the well-stocked museum gift shop.

Throughout the year there are different types of events–including kids’camps–going on at the museum,  so you’ll want to  check out the website to plan  your trip.

There’s also a café for the hungry, but alas, it is closed on Sundays–the very day we visited. There are, however, places to picnic.

Note that the antique rocking chair is always available.  I promise not to tattle if you check your text messages while sitting in it.


Road Trip With Kids

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