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Road Trip Across The Country With Kids

A road trip like ours is the perfect time to teach kids about budgeting.

shopping for handmade items in Santa Fe

We gave each of the children  $50 to spend any way they want over the course of our road trip and during our subsequent month at our Michigan cottage.

(Both big kids also brought saved allowances.)

And boy, has it gotten interesting.

Charlotte has already blown through her allotment on a lovely assortment of Native American “Barbies”; William is constantly tempted but remains thrifty; Elizabeth has an eye for the unusual.

Teaching Kids To Budget On a Road Trip

I’m also proud to say that they’ve been thinking of others: Today Elizabeth purchased a birthday gift for her friend Nishi at the famous Native American market in downtown  Santa Fe.

Well, I’ll let her tell you all about it below.

The market Governors’ Square is very beautiful.

budgeting on a road trip

There were many Native American artists sitting on the floor of an adobe building with blankets spread before them selling things.

If you like jewelry, you’d love this.

I bought a necklace with different animal beads. There was also bracelets and rings of  silver and leather and turquoise.

Will got a pig  statue made of pottery.

Charlotte got a doll with a red skirt.

Often, the artists will tell you the story of how they make the items.

Here’s a tip: Bring cash and look at all the items before you  buy.

The one downside is that the market is a little pricey. Items cost between $10 and $80.

road trip santa fe

But every item is homemade so its worth at least checking out.

Road Trip With Kids

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