These are the world’s easiest popsicles to make EVER.   They will rival the ones that your kids get at the ice cream truck! They don’t drip (or barely drip), they cost pennies to enjoy, AND you can make them out of a variety of treats…

The Pudding Pop.

EASY Pudding pops It is so simple.   Take a pudding cup, or a yogurt container, or a fruit cup, or a mini-tub of tapioca, even regular jello works.   The possibilities are endless.   Stick a wooden ice cream spoon into your cup.   Freeze it for a day.   The next day peel back the lid and your kids have a tasty treat.   Depending on what you use for your cup, it might even be a healthy one! EASY Pudding pops Our kids love it when we use the jello “smores” flavor to make our pops.   They say it tastes like the ice cream from the truck.   I’ll let your kids be the judge of that. This post is part of our series “snack hacks” – a post full of tips on how to make snacks more accessible and easier for busy moms. More Delicious Pudding Recipes From Kids Activities Blog Let’s make this Chessman banana pudding!

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