Show your mom how much you care by serving her breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.  While a plate of scrambled eggs and toast would be nice, a dressed up dish filled with personalize pancakes, butterfly banana muffins and a vase filled with fruit flowers would really make your mom sit up and take notice and make her feel really special. 10 ideas for mothers day breakfast in bed Floral Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day – Serve mom an entire floral themed breakfast created by Beth from Hungry Happenings including daisy eggs with bacon stems, a fruit bouquet, and pretty biscuits. Picture Perfect Mother’s Day Breakfast – Frame your pancake face with sausage for some early morning fun. Butterfly Banana Muffins – Add a touch of whimsy to a breakfast muffin. Gosia from Kiddie Foodies uses strawberries and kiwi to create these cute butterflies. Bagel Bite Flower – Not only will the marscarpone cheese and strawberries make this bagel taste great they make it look pretty too. Created by Jodie for Inner Child Food. Flower Pot Breakast – Jill from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons turns a pancake into a flower pot  which holds an egg and fruit flower. Mom Pancakes – It’s easy to create personalized pancakes using cookie cutters and Michelle  from Fun on a Dime and her daughter had fun making these for Mother’s Day. Hearty Breakfast – Serve up eggs in heart shaped sausages to say “I love you.” Whether your mom likes her eggs scrambled or fried, she will think this breakfast created by Yvonne of Sugar & Diamonds but made by you on Mother’s Day is special. Strawberry Roses – Learn how to turn an ordinary rose into a pretty rose. Debbie from One Little Project at a Time teaches you how to make a lovely bouquet for mom. Say it with Flowers – Beautiful flowers created by Little Food Junction made of watermelon, papaya, grapes, and cucumber. Strawberry Yogurt Bites  – Strawberries make pretty little cups to hold yogurt. This sweet breakfast treat created by Meaghan from the Decorated Cookie for Kix. Need more? Check out some other awesome breakfast ideas here!  

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