My daughter spent most of the first half of third grade drilling her multiplication facts. After a while, she got tired of multiplication flashcards and begged me to find some multiplication apps for kids on her iPad. After going through the app store and trying out several duds, here are the  multiplication apps for kids we used that really worked. Multiplication Apps For Kids

Multiplication Apps For Kids:

Sushi Monster ~ Sushi Monster is perhaps the greatest multiplicsushi monsteration app of all. It’s so addicting that I find myself playing it all the time while standing in line or waiting around. download this app
The App Store Says: Meet Sushi Monster! Scholastic's new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging.Strengthen reasoning strategies for whole number addition and multiplication by helping monsters make a target sum or product. Earn points with each correct answer ¦ but watch out for distractions! To be successful, plan ahead and strategically select numbers from the sushi counter.
multiplication for kidsMultiplication For Kids ~ This math app is wizard themed, and just includes multiplication. My daughter loved this this app
The App Store Says: A great app for kids to learn all the times tables from 0 to 20. A fantastic way to practice the basic multiplication skills with ten increasing levels of difficulty. Best for kids who want to study their times tables and practice simple multiplication problems.  
  mathmateerMathmateer ~ This math app includes all sorts of different math activities for different ages. It grows with your child so they never get bored!  download this app
The App Store Says:  Math can be fun! Build your very own rockets and fly them to the stars with Mathmateer!  
While your rocket is floating weightlessly in space, the real fun begins! Play one of the 56 different math missions. Each mission has touchable objects floating in space, including stars, coins, clocks, 3D shapes and even pizzas! Earn a bronze, silver or gold medal and also try to beat your high score. Missions range in difficulty from even/odd numbers all the way to square roots, so kids and their parents will enjoy hours of fun while learning math.
sushi monster gameplay squeebelsSqueebles Times Tables ~ I adore Squeebles! It’s one of my favorite multiplication apps for Kids. I love the graphics and it actually makes learning multiplication fun!  download this app
The App Store Says:  practice your times tables in the most fun and interactive way possible with the latest version of our popular times tables app, whilst helping Whizz rescue the Squeebles from the clutches of the nasty Maths Monster. Earn a multitude of rewards and turns on a great mini-game by doing well in your times tables
my times tables My Times Tables ~ This multiplication app only teaches facts 0-10, but it does so in a really adorable and inventive way, so that’s why it made my list!download this app
The App Store Says:  Now you or your child can learn the first 10 Times Tables in a fun and easy way.  
“My Times Tables” Is built up in four easy steps.
  invasion of the moon monkeysInvasion of The Moon Monkeys ~ YES! This multiplication app is so fun because you have to know multiplication in order to save us all from the moon monkey invasion! It’s too cute!  download this app
The App Store Says:  Test your multiplication and times tables skills to the limit as you battle to save the world in a thrilling arcade style invasion adventure you just won’t want to stop playing!  
The Moon Monkeys are multiplying, it’s time to turn the tables!
  squeebles game play Looking for more awesome apps your kids will love? Get outside with these 10 Nature Apps for kids.

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