Why no one calls me Holly Homemaker

I have my talents, but some of the job description of homemaker is a bit out of my skill set.

Here are three homemaking-related questions that have come up over the last 12 hours:

1. What are these greenish-blue crystals that appear in Rhett’s tub?

The crystals magically appear while the tub is being filled. There are no toys or washcloths in the tub. It doesn’t happen to any of the other tubs in the house. Randomly they don’t appear, but most the time they are there.

2. How do I ask for this light bulb? Should I take the picture to the store?

Our main bathroom downstairs light has been burned out for a few days. The boys refuse to pee in the dark. Last night I got several replacement light bulbs, the ladder, un-screwed the 3 bolts that held the heavy glass fixture in place only to uncover this.


I don’t have any bulbs that size.

Neither does Target.

I guess I will be taking a trip to Home Depot this week.

3. How do I do it?

I made this cake. This is what the picture on the box looks like.


This is what my cake looked like.


*the boys called it a pancake

Yes, That is a double layer cake that measures in at less than one inch.*

*Ryan did say that it tasted better than it looked. I mean, it still was cake…sugar, flour, eggs, frosting…


  1. You used the wrong size cake pans.

    But, if it tasted good, who the heck cares.

    It’s a ( it’s a circle line flourescent light bulb) however you spell that.

    and I have no clue on the tub

  2. Domestic Goddess (In Training) says:

    I second Rachel’s comment! Isn’t taste all we are really going for? If I shot for looks too, I’d be suicidal.

  3. Manic Mommy says:

    a. I got nothing for you on the tub.

    b. I think we had a light like that in my kitchen, in the 70s.

    c. Dude, you made a layer cake. Seriously, I just bought cake pans just before Christmas.

    I suck at homemaker-y stuff myself. Andy considers it one of my charms. God bless him!

  4. The tub thing is mysterious. I’ve never seen such a thing, but maybe you could tell me if you solve it?

    Take the bulb to Home Depot with you. We had the bulb in our fridge burn out (!) and that was surprisingly hard to get fixed. I went to Lowe’s because I am scared of Home Depot. A nice person in a blue vest showed me exactly what I needed.

    Good luck!

  5. Angie Ledbetter says:

    1. Remnants of your best perfume or dusting powder that only become visible when wet?
    2. Call Home Care or some other fixit place and tell them to come change out that stoopid fixture pronto.
    3. Yes, a panCake. Shoulda poured Mrs. Butterworths all over the top and told ’em to dig in. Good for breakfast! (Yeast/pkg. mighta been old.) 🙂

  6. jill jill bo bill says:

    I am stumped on the tub. Did you water plants in there? I get that sometimes in my tub if I water my ferns in there, which isn’t often.
    The light question I think has benn answeres.
    The cake: if it was black, I could have told you I cooked it. Thinking the mix was old? I did that with cornbread once. It looked like a giant chip.

  7. Can you actually FEEL the crystals in the tub, like pick them up and hold them in your hand? Because maybe you just have an extra-fancy finish on your tub that produces colorful green and blue bling when the light hits it just right… (or that’s what I would tell myself).

    OR, maybe one of the boys has been eating sugar sprinkles in the tub, all top-secret like. That’s totally possible.

    Kind of like that time I hid a chocolate-frosted cupcake under my pillow, and then ate it after my mom kissed me goodnight. NEVER OCCURRED TO ME THAT THE ICING WOULD BOND WITH THE PILLOW CASE.

    Just sayin’.

  8. Jenni Jiggety says:

    Sadly I can be of NO help…

    BUT I can help you eat that cake!

  9. If you can save a piece, I will let you know if it tastes better than it looks – I mean, what does a 7 year old know anyway.

  10. frogpondsrock says:

    1: Alien boy germs

    2: It’s one of those circle thingy globes, I would take the photo in to the shop.

    3: Those packet cake pictures are all fake..

  11. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    I don’t know about the first two, but I’m going with wrong size cake pans or expired mix on the cake.

  12. hip chick says:

    Those things in the tub are kind of cool and like littel alien seeds or something.
    I had a light like that in my kitchen one time. In fact I think everyone did back in 1945! Exactly how old is your bathroom?
    If you get enough ice cream on the cake it doesn’t matter what it looks like.

  13. MoziEsmé says:

    The prettiest cakes are never the tastiest – they usually taste like cardboard or styrofoam or something. Always judge a cake by its taste, I say…

  14. On the cakes…um did you forget some baking powder or soda by accident?? That would be my first guess. Wrong Pans no. 2. The tub: pure magic for your unlimited enjoyment. The lightbulb-mail order, Target is worthless and Home Depot moronic…

  15. HAHAHA That looks JUST like the cakes I always make!

    I take those pics like that into Home Depot ALL the time, I just show them to one of the people that works there, and say, “Can I have one of these?” And they find it for me every time!

  16. MommyTime says:

    The crystals could be remnants from his fancy bath salts. Or perhaps he brushes his teeth while showering, and the whitening crystals get left behind? Or the aliens have left behind tracking devices.

    The cake is surely a product of expired baking powder/soda, which can get too old and refuse to leaven anything.

    As for the bulb? I always take them in to buy a match.

  17. the planet of janet says:

    i TOLD you that we were separated at birth.

    either that, or you sneaked that cake out of my kitchen….

  18. Weaselmomma says:

    How many Texans dos it take to change a light bulb? See my last post, I can help you with all this and much more! (the answer is 3. 1 to take the bulb to Home Depot, 1 Home Depot guy to hand you correct bulb and 1 cashier to check out your purchase!

  19. Leave it to Rachel to know what that light bulb was lol

    The cake looks delicious regardless of whether or not it looks like the box. The pictures on the box are never what they appear.

  20. Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING says:

    1) Have you ever used those little pellets that change the color of your water? Did they get into your tub salts?

    2) Probably by the time you buy that light bulb you can buy a new light fixture. If you insist, I would measure it at least. Hurry, though, thank God your boys are too scared to pee in the dark. I am scared of what I would find when I got the light fixed if I let my boys pee in the dark.

    3) that is what bakeries are for


  21. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins says:

    1) I’d have to guess those things are in the drain of that tub and some mysterious plumbing science makes them come up at certain times and not others. No idea what they are, but…seamonkeys?
    2) I think this was mentioned before, but make sure you measure the diameter of that 1978 light bulb before you head to Home Depot. But their people are like magicians or something.
    3) At least you HAVE cake!

  22. I think you have some kind of specialty tub, made to excite small children about taking a bath. Kind of like the cereal bowls we had as kids- had to eat all your cereal up to find out which character was hiding the bottom of your bowl.

    I avoid Home Depot like the plague- the one here is terrible. Lowe’s, though, was happy to help me find an odd lightbulb from my old house- I just took it in and showed it to a kind older man who found it for me in about ten seconds.

    The cake? Looks good to me. At least yours is consistantly flat– I have made several in my day where just the middle or one side falls.

  23. Jennifer H says:

    That light bulb situation would have really, really annoyed me. It’s enough of a pain to change the ceiling bulbs!

  24. Love the cake…the bulb, change the fixture too much of a hassle, the crystals…who knows.

  25. I bet it takes the same though and now theres more of it to go around

  26. ParentingPink says:

    LOL! My cakes ALWAYS look like that. I swear there are evil-doers at Dunkin Hines that make it impossible for the cakes to look exactly like the box. And changing lightbulbs? Don’t even get me started 🙂

  27. Trannyhead says:

    I think you should start charging people money to bahte in your tub. Tell them it has magical spring powers and that it will enable them to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or at least, it will help them bake a layer cake that is actually less than an inch thick. You’ll have a line out your door around the block of people trying to get in!

  28. The tub looks like maybe one of the toys is leaving that crystal crap! I would soak all the toys in bleach water than rinse in hot water. We have no diswasher so I clean our tub toys in the washing machine on spin and rinse only.
    Also try cleaning the tub really really good. I use Armin Hammer Scrub Free with Oxy. I am so pleased with it.

    The light bulb is one you can get from Lowes and Home Depot. Take the picture with you and ask with that bulb.

    As for the cake, you are now talking to the granddaughter of a baker. I was the only one in the family interested in the skill so she taught me everything. Quality of the pan is everything! Make sure it is good and that heat is evenly distributed all over. Next use the correct pan size. Than after the cake is cooled graze off the dome tops so it lays flat. Go by a spatula for icing cake only. Than whip the icing up real well and spread it like you would paint on a wall, nice and even. To get the squiggle you can put some icing into a plastic bag snip off the tip and just act like a kid. Hope that helps!

  29. 3) If the cake texture is wrong, your oven temperature might be off OR you mixed the cake way too much. It’s also possible that you need new cake pans.
    2) Just bring in the picture and the dimensions.
    1) Those little green things might be imperfections in the surface of the tub getting magnified by the water.

  30. Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children says:

    I’ve had similar “leftovers” in the tub. Odd, indeed.

    I love how your other commenters seem to be able to diagnose your cake woes. Little Suzie Homemakers you have reading here! 😉

  31. Thanks for adding the Keep Believing widget. You are a great blogging friend to Angie.

    We had a light bulb like that in our house. We couldn’t find a replacement for it anywhere – not even online. We had to buy a new light fixture. Hope you have better luck than we did!

  32. I was going to make a snarky comment about Marie Antoinette, but . . .

  33. Elaine A. says:

    If they don’t want that cake I’ll take some!

    And the light, isn’t that your husband’s job? ; ) Pretty much anything that has to be procured at Lowe’s is up to my hubby!

  34. I bet they didn’t complain when they ate it though! 🙂

  35. Holy CRAP… SO DAMN FUNNY. I think tears are running down my face b/c I too can mke those “pan-cakes”– and just to clarify, the lightbulbs are in my husbands realm of the housework. He asks me why I can’t change them… and I tell him… b/c it is his job!

  36. Okay, I just busted out laughing. I have a similar picture of a chocolate cake. Only I forgot to add something, and it indeed looked like a brown pancake. Hilarious!

  37. Threeundertwo says:

    You do realize it will take about 4 trips to Home Depot, don’t you? Or maybe 4 different Home Depots – one or the other.

  38. Don’t know if you found the solution to the bathtub or not by now. We have a similar situation in our Master bath tub. The guest bath is unaffected. But we get these black charcoal-like bits in the bathtub (which is why I refuse take a bath in that one-only showers). I know it is a problem in the plumbing, we’ve just never had it fixed….mainly because there is always something more important to invest in. But if it’s still a problem and you want a fix call the plumber….could be expensive when you’re talking plumbing, beware.

  39. Thanks so much! I still haven’t figured out what it is…so freaking weird!

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