Snow Scenes

Snowmen at the spa.

First chairlift ride.

Tree at night.


So easy.

Big toy for boys.

Going up.

Going down.

Going up.

Man cave.


  1. the “first chair lift” picture made me smile….it’s adorable and just screams “I’M EXCITED!!!!!”

  2. Happy Campers says:

    What fun pics! Looks like you guys really had a great time 🙂

  3. Great pictures!

  4. I loved all your pictures and captions. I also really enjoyed looking at your past posts on your ski trip!! We just love skiing and I so enjoyed when Little Billy was smaller and learning to ski. Now he’s the pro in the family and Alexis has yet to show any interest. I need to have a serious talk with that girl.

    Glad you guys had so much fun! See you, Holly.


  5. Ron Davison says:

    Ah .. there is nothing like snow skiing. Except water skiing … sledding … snow boarding.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! ALMOST makes me want to go skiing.

  7. Those were wonderful. Made me want to ski, for about 2 minutes. OVER!

  8. Jennifer H says:

    Great pictures!

    Is that some kind of skiing escalator? I could maybe get on and off that without hurting myself. Or others.

  9. Jenni Jiggety says:

    Awesome shots, Holly!

  10. the planet of janet says:

    almost (please note the “almost” … that’s very important) makes me miss our ski vacations from the last two years.


  11. I think the man cave is the bestest!!

    But I do love them all! I’m not a skiier (at ALL…tried it once, hated it)…but it looks like you all had so much fun!

  12. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Chair lift smile is priceless!


    How totally awesome, Holly!

  14. These are wonderful shots. The Chair life photo is definitely a keeper.

  15. maggie's mind says:

    I love these shots! The first one made me look for awhile, and the one of going up is awesome. Looks like fun times.

  16. Momo Fali says:

    Sigh. You’re making me long for the slopes.

    Oh, and I read your previous post. I once was passed by a one-legged skier. No lie.

  17. Stunning!! Love the chair lift photo!

  18. Smoochiefrog says:

    Man cave. Ha!

  19. These are all fabulous photos and show what looks to be an amazing time but I have to say that snowman shot made me laugh out loud!

  20. merrymishaps says:

    Love the snowmen and both “going up” shots!
    Looks like you all had fun!

  21. Going Down is a stellar shot!!

    I’m so impressed at the little ones being able to ski without poles.

  22. Great skiing shots~looks like they had a blast!

  23. LittlePeopleWealth says:

    I love your pictures!

  24. Well hello gorgeous! Snow never looked so cool . . . um, pun intended.

    Great shots!

    Love “So Easy”–he looks like such a pro!

  25. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins says:

    Great shots – looks like it was a blast!

  26. hip chick says:

    I love the ski shots and the mountain. But, those snow men are awesome in that light. Way cool.

  27. That looks like a blast. Great pix.

  28. Threeundertwo says:

    I love the landscape shot. Just gorgeous. And the man cave? LOL!

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